Danalach Sommerlande

Hi there, I'm Danalach but my friends call me Dana. :3 I'm a freshman at Silverdawn School of Magic specializing in evocation magic. I'm gonna be an amazing evoker. Like, seriously. I live in an apartment with my roommate Cyprien. We've been friends since we were like six or something. I love gym-ing, shopping, dancing, drinking, parties, my BFF Sev, my amazing boyfriend, he's a bard! Uhm... yeah so that's me! Follow me on InstaElf if you wanna know me better! 😉 xoxo <3

Comics: 74
Recent Appearance: Elven 00102 | Linneas Tech Tips
First Appearance: Elven 00001 | Fireball 101

Cyprien Fairhelm

I'm Cyprien Fairhelm, a squire at the Order of the Cyan Cross. I'm currently available to do any freelance quests for my internship, so let me know if you need help. I am skilled in the use of shortswords, longswords and small firearms. I share a flat with my friend Dana. We've got a spare room and are looking for an extra roommate, so let me or Dana know if you need a place. You must be a non-smoker, tidy, not a drug addict, and preferably elven. I'm not being racist or anything, but the last time we had a troglodyte stay with us, the whole place was infested with cockroaches for weeks.

Comics: 74
Recent Appearance: Elven 00100 | Goblins
First Appearance: Elven 00004 | Fireball 101

Tarin Keynes

Tarin here. I go to school, consistently achieve high grades, and have a 100% attendance rate. What I do outside of school is not really your concern. Currently looking for a room.

Comics: 34
Recent Appearance: Elven 00095 | Goblins
First Appearance: Elven 00023 | Roommate

Kauthris Paracelsus

I am known as Kauthris, junior physician at the esteemed Silverdawn College of Medicine. I have but a singular purpose, to become a foremost practitioner of the medical arts combining erudite knowledge with consummate skill. Verily, tuition fees are an abomination, and as such I have taken it upon myself to offer my paid services as a healer in the field for adventuring parties seeking trove and treasure. Should interested parties be willing to enlist myself in their employ, my rates are negotiable depending on the quest at hand.

Comics: 17
Recent Appearance: Elven 00080 | Affliction
First Appearance: Elven 00048 | The Doctor Is In