Cyprien Fairhelm

I'm Cyprien Fairhelm, a squire at the Order of the Cyan Cross. I'm currently available to do any freelance quests for my internship, so let me know if you need help. I am skilled in the use of shortswords, longswords and small firearms. I share a flat with my friend Dana. We've got a spare room and are looking for an extra roommate, so let me or Dana know if you need a place. You must be a non-smoker, tidy, not a drug addict, and preferably elven. I'm not being racist or anything, but the last time we had a troglodyte stay with us, the whole place was infested with cockroaches for weeks.

Comics: 37
Recent Appearance: Elven 00046 | Fly
First Appearance: Elven 00004 | Fireball 101

Danalach Sommerlande

Hi there, I'm Danalach but my friends call me Dana. :3 I'm a freshman at Silverdawn School of Magic specializing in evocation magic. I'm gonna be an amazing evoker. Like, seriously. I live in an apartment with my roommate Cyprien. We've been friends since we were like six or something. I love gym-ing, shopping, dancing, drinking, parties, my BFF Sev, my amazing boyfriend, he's a bard! Uhm... yeah so that's me! Follow me on InstaElf if you wanna know me better! 😉 xoxo <3

Comics: 36
Recent Appearance: Elven 00046 | Fly
First Appearance: Elven 00001 | Fireball 101

Tarin Keynes

Tarin here. I go to school, consistently achieve high grades, and have a 100% attendance rate. What I do outside of school is not really your concern. Currently looking for a room.

Comics: 8
Recent Appearance: Elven 00046 | Fly
First Appearance: Elven 00023 | Roommate