Elven 00008 | Unidentified Longsword

12 thoughts on “Elven 00008 | Unidentified Longsword

  1. hahah! Thanks for the laugh!

  2. This literally happened to me playing the Rougelike game “Angband” (text game)

    Killed a roach, it dropped a magical 2-handed sword. Even the text was identical.
    “You have defeated Roach”, etc.

    1. Yeah. In path of Exile I love it when normal size rats drop suits of full plate mail.

  3. You want level 2 so bad? Find a dumpster, stomp on a few dozen more roaches …

    1. Think of all the loot he would get too.

  4. Only another 60 cockroaches for a level up … go stomp around some dumpsters until you squash enough … but that wouldn’t be funny, right?

  5. I’ve seen a Chinese Light Novel that while they didn’t drop gear the MC starts out leveling by killing cockroaches and ants because ‘even a mosquito has a little bit of meat to it.’ Worked his way up to third level before he had to upgrade to killing larger animals.

    1. Ooooh what was it called that sounds kinda funny

  6. Okay, the date is listed as this year, but I saw this comic back in 2013 and never could find the source.
    What gives?

    1. I did the original in 2011. This is a re-export to fit the new page dimensions

  7. How stupid must be economy in this universe… “You defeat fly, fly droped PS5 Console”

  8. @AvangionQ it would bring all new meaning to the phrase “grinding for XP.”

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