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Sorry for the long wait, finding time to draw is literally impossible with a sprog.

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  1. Ohhh…dial emergency services ….NOW

    1. Do undertakers count as emergency services now?

      1. Dinner Reservation Hotline (STR)

        A certain kind of undertaker that offers “emergency legal trouble prevention services”, so yes.

    2. call a ambulance! but not for me

    3. Teach the kid to do the colouring, it’s never too early to start them paying for their existance 😉

    4. Someone is calling already, but i guess reinforcements, legal advise or Tylan’s Boss.
      This could be a 3:1, a 1:1 and cavalry arrives to rescue Tylan or 6:1 in the End.
      I guess the other bullies are smarter than Tylan and it ends with an 1:1, an ambulance and cavalry in some sort protecting Tylan not to be explused.

    5. Had the 9-1- already punched in. 😉

  2. The punk really does think he’s the BMOC, doesn’t he? He may have just brought the crew down his ass, but Tarin will likely tear him a new one all by herself. ” …a good reason to legally hurt you.” Yep, he’s toast.

    Well, you have to nurture and protect the next generation in order for humans to keep flourishing. Keep up the good work, and we’ll be here for when you get time.

  3. Now it’s time to get legally hurt and pay the piper or in this case pay her. Glad to see comic back up.

  4. Glad you’re back.

  5. First, thanks for the page, MK. We know you have a lot of your plate.
    Second, I think someone just made a very big and costly mistake. That someone is about to get legally hurt.

  6. Glad you are coping! Take whatever time you need! Happy for a page!

    ohhh Tylan-ol for pain!

    Should we be worried about who the smart chick is calling on the phone?

    1. so whats going on?

  7. She is causing legal damage with use of a lawyer. That’s special.

    1. Without…sigh, typos

  8. Yaay ! Glad you are back!

  9. DEAD MAN WALKING!!! Tylan is gonna find out why it’s a BAD IDEA to pull a knife on a rouge

  10. Looks like a minor NPC thinks he’s the protagonist. He’ll probably live to regret that mistake. Probably.

  11. Welcome back, Mate.

  12. Welp, you done fucked up now, boy.

  13. Oh no, that school’s even tougher than I thought!

  14. I wonder if Tylan knows Tarin has been in a couple of dungeons and gained a few levels. I’m sure he thought this might result in some trouble that gets swept under the rug again… But I don’t think he quite grasps that Tarin is going to punish him in much more immediate ways.

    The detail about him being owed money is interesting though. Tarin suspects Thieves guild involvement but thinks it must go beyond shakedown for lunch money. I wonder if Tylan is running more than an extortion racket but is actively providing service or contraband.

  15. Oh, man. That tie coming off? That crocodile smile? That blue wisp? Grab some popcorn, folks, it’s showtime!

  16. Tarin isn’t a wizard, but she does know some Transmutation- please observe as she transmutes an idiot into a corpse.

  17. Yay glad you’re back, MK. Woah, assault and battery with a deadly weapon, one can’t also toss in attempted murder. This is going to be good because looking at the last panel, she is raising her attributes and is going to assume her ‘aspect’.

  18. CAN not ‘can’t’. Stupid autocorrect/suggest.

  19. Legal, illegal, who cares ? She wasn’t looking for a reason, just an excuse 🙂

  20. She’s not into legality anyway. 😉

    1. She’s very much into the *appearance* of propriety. Even from day one.

  21. the ‘legally’ she speaks of, I think, is more in reference to ‘within the rules and regulations of the school’ more than the city/country laws. She can’t start a fight but if attacked, she can defend herself. I have a feeling she’s going to go with the loosest interpretation of ‘defend herself’ she can w/out actually ending his life. You, good sir, are about to learn a completely new definition to the word ‘pain’. In the words of Alucard… “You done goofed.”

    1. Maybe…do we know if Kauthris can raise the dead and charge a hefty fee for it with a high interest payment plan ?

      1. A problem with charging for RtD without prior contract is negotiating payment with the deceased’s most caring relations. Tylan does seem like a rich brat, but his parents are certain to be jerks.

        1. That’s not a problem, if she doesn’t get paid she can always return the death, like a tattoo artist with a cheese grater for when the cheque bounces 🙂

    2. And this is exactly why LE/NE is the evilest sort of Evul! there is.

    3. Heheh, I think we’re going to see a whole new new level of “stand your ground” law.

  22. Lost Dragon Prince

    Someone is about to find out why Tarin is a Prefect, and they aren’t. It’s mostly the ability to go from zero to Full, EFing ON in an instant. It’s why fist fighting combat vets is a solidly HORRIBLE idea.

  23. He choose, poorly

  24. Welcome back! And yes, this is going to be VERY interesting.

  25. Why do I suddenly hear doom music playing? 🤔

  26. Finding time or energy to do anything is impossible with a sprog. I gained 30 pounds I can’t afford thanks to my two sprogs.
    Glad to see you’re plugging away at the comic.

  27. is anyone else hearing the theme song from the mortal Kombat movie, I swear I hear it playing?

  28. Does the school have a respawn spot… I have a feeling someone is going to need it or a high level cleric to resurrect them.

    1. Or, they can go the healing torture route. Heal them, beat them to 1 HP, heal them to max, beat them to 1 HP, if they try to kill themselves, heal them before HP runs out, if they try to run away, cut off the legs and heal the stumps. In a world of magic, torture is much more brutal and physically survivable if not mentally…wonder if there’s a healing spell or potion to help recover from PTSD?

  29. Knifeboy is likely level 1 at best, or maybe just an NPC with1d4 HP 🙂
    He probably doesn’t have any sort of proficiency with it so hopefully he didn’t sharpen it properly, that way it’s going to hurt less when he gets it jammed up his butt.

  30. I just realized something. I wonder if Tyland’s only knows of Tarin as a school prefect and her Rouge Class is not well known. She seems to be running a separate operation than the Theives Guild and has intentionally kept herself separate to maximize profit. Of course their guild elevation should have been noticed, but if no one thought Tyland needed to know, it might not have filtered down to him. Especially true if he didn’t report his initial interaction so as to seem more competent than he both is and presumes that he is.

    1. I think it’s more like Tyland couldn’t care less about anyone other than himself and didn’t bother to try to know Tarin’s ranking or abilities. Campus bullies look down on everyone, usually to their eventual detriment.

  31. I wonder why she is so happy to get a reason to hurt him.

    Is it:
    A) She really dislikes the dude.
    B) She just likes violence in general
    C) She wants to get rid of competition
    D) She actually likes the little punching bag and wants revenge for him.
    E) All the above

  32. @Khenan E) All of the above is my guess.

  33. One of the above ?
    some of the above ?
    none of the above ? (maybe she gets xp from him ?)

  34. Comic dead? no updates in quite awhile

    1. MK has her hands kinda full.

    2. This comic comes out VERY slowly. It is worth the wait. MK does not apologize for making you wait, but has told us before when it was going on Hiatus.

    3. I have not experienced it myself, partly due to being the wrong gender, but I have heard that giving birth to a child and then caring for it leaves very little time for anything else.

      Be patient, pages will come, but caring for the child comes first (as it should)

  35. Is the comic on hiatus?

  36. Ah, didn’t see the comic about having a child. I can see where that would delay things. I’ll wait.

    1. where do you guys find this information ive been looking but havent found anything

  37. Hey Mate, are you okay. It’s been awhile and we’re getting concerned for you. Hope you’re doing well.

    1. Yep, just a time thing. There’s literally none between work and sprog.

      1. There is no sprog, there is only Drool 😉

      2. “sprog” more important. Spend the time. You only go around once. We can wait 🙂

  38. Wait, you have a new sprog?!?! Congrats I missed seeing that.

  39. Why do I feel that he is about to become a long, brown, smear on the concrete..?
    He IS such a piece of $#!t..!

  40. 4½ months since the previous update. Hopefully, that means another update soon.
    We will be (more or less) patiently waiting.

  41. So yay! We have a new LittleKiddleton. How cool is that? Hope you both are doing fine and recovering. It’s an exhausting time bringing up a Little one. Best wishes for you and we’ll be here for your return. If you can find the time, drop us line and let us know how you all are doing. Take care!

  42. It takes 9 months to make a sprog and many comic creators say their comic is like a child to them so it is logical that a page would take 9 months too, right? 🙂

  43. @Khenan, about 3 months to go then? Oh well, they say good things take time. 😉

  44. Are you ever, ever, EVER coming back?

    1. Yes.

  45. Congrats on the new rug-ling! Hope all is well with you and family!

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