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Jagged Alliance 3 and Baldurs Gate 3 releasing within two weeks of each other after a 23 year wait. What a time to be alive.

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  1. Somebody is in trouble.
    Nobody messes with Tarin her money

  2. Found her ‘on’ switch…

  3. Revenge is a meal best served piping hot, straight from the oven, with a frosty mug of beer.

  4. Somebody’s gonna get a whoopin’. This should be good 👍

    1. Also, thanks for the page, MK!

  5. I’m suddenly hearing music from ‘Two Steps from Hell’. A little Victory perhaps?

    1. I dunno, I’m hearing the chorus to “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor’ 😉

      1. Listen to Duel of the Fates from Star Wars.
        Alternatively, looking at how she is feeling, One Winged Angel might be best.

  6. I wonder how many Fat Stacks these posers will drop once Tarin kicks their asses.

  7. Before, it was just personal. This time, it’s Business.

    1. Some of the worst warcrimes in history have been done by people that were basically accountants, and just doing a job. These poor bastards have just run into someone like that.

      1. USMC piggy car (STR)

        Not to rain on the “hooshit”-parade, but I don’t think that jobsworth pettiness is what drives Tarin.

        1. Big sis' hand-me-down universe (STR)

          Haha, no. Tarin’s attitude is much more prone to violence than mere jobsworth pettiness.

          Also, you got a wicked crotchbite, yo, and you owe me the new Immaterial Girl’s album when it comes out.

      2. Pffft, remember Game of Thrones?

        The dumb rulers ignored the bankers. The smart ones knew better. Then Daenerys Targaryen basically was like, “Sorry, dragons trump bankers.”

        The only people more to be feared than accountants are complete fanatics with a boatload of power.

  8. Please let him be dumb enough to say “no”.

  9. I have a feeling these bullies are about to discover what it is like to get bullied themselves on a first name basis.

    1. Stop and think about it: With access to high grade healing potions, there’s very little reason to NOT seriously injure, or torture, someone since they can be made whole (physically at least). Now wither they’ll ever be able to talk again without screaming or crying is something entirely different. I think these punks are about to learn this lesson.

  10. I don’t know. Tarin is good, but it is 3 against 1 and no telling how many levels these goons have picked up through these attacks. On a squad vs squad session they would crush this group.

    1. It may be that his other observing cohorts might just cut and run. They don’t seem to be into participation. I could be wrong, of course.

    2. You think she’s outnumbered? It’s rather amazing how the numbers start to drop when you reach out and jamb a thumb into someones eye. As a distraction. Bring out a blade and start decorating the walls with your first “volunteer” and your opponents usually drop to zero.
      Just remember to pour a healing potion on the bloody, quivering mess before they die, then it’s just baseless accusations and rumors.

  11. Part of that money belongs to a girl whose defenceless body Tarin had mercilessly and incessantly ravished recently … hence RAGE!

  12. Methinks Dana and the rest will be embroiled in this soon enough. It also wouldn’t surprise me to find Ysteena using it as a training exercise.

  13. Tarin was Level 2, so the Bullies are most likely not higher then Level 4. Now they mess with a Level 7 Rogue. They are lucky that she announced herself with the stonethrow and didn’t meant harm or he would have gone down directly. On the other side, this Stone seemed to have hurt a lot. She can be beat if the three attack her coordinated, but bullies are most likely not. So they are in a world of Pain, not knowing it. But Tarin needs to be fast, as she can’t Tank.

    1. She should have gotten sneak attack damage on it regardless 😉

    2. You don’t REALLY think she came alone do you?

  14. As David G. says, Tarin did not just go find the bullies. She is way smarter than that. We will see her plan when MK has the time..

  15. Anyone else wondering if the kids has a crush on Tarin and is getting beat up or arranging a beat up just to get her attention?

    I mean, the bullies are obviously bullies but I could see the kid trying to pull his own strings as well.

    1. No.
      “I will get beat up so that Senpai Tarin will finally notice me” is a pretty messed up idea.

      1. But he is prolly pulling his own string over Tarin

      2. I can see it. Hell compared to some of the calls I’ve been on involving teens that would be fairly tame. Not even top 10 this month.

  16. Tarin looks absolutely EPIC in that last panel.

  17. Hmm, she looks really ready to dish out some serious hurt. I thought it meant beating them up at first, and it might, but Im wondering. She might use some psychological warfare which would be harder to heal than a broken bone or twenty while leaving no outward traces. And with her working for Ysteena the thieves guild might decide to let this one go or maybe even break some bones of the “idiots squad” to make nice for future buisness. I love the possibilities each new page makes me think of.

    Also, Im still shipping the cutie pie and Tarin. The boy did bring her money so maybe he is loaded after all?

  18. Hold on I’m going to get my popcorn now

  19. I wrote a novel with a character like her. Straight up bounty hunter who works with a dwarf. She’s kinda a drag king, but you dunno for two-thirds of the book the character’s female. There’s this one line where they are more than happy to help the demon destroy the world… until the demon tells them that naturally there won’t be any economy afterward. That’s about the point where they get fully committed against the demon, using ultimate attacks they hadn’t shown until then.

  20. I hope Tarin will ask Dana and Cyprien for help. They say it never hurts to ask.

  21. Has the comic stopped or been canceled?
    I don’t see any updates in a while, and it’s missing from WebToon app. What’s the scoop?

    1. Comic is still going, I just haven’t had time to update. Should still be up on webtoon as well.

      1. found it but you really have to search for it as just typing in elven does not even pop it up on the app search feature its about six down after selecting more results on the search.

        1. Yeah I really hate Webtoon’s search engine. There was some webcomic about multiple Links (LOZ) in an maze. It was really really hard to find. And don’t get me started on how they totally fail at searching by topic.

        2. It’s much better/easier to find comics on Top Web Comics (TWC). Elven is a good example of that.

  22. Thanks MateKiddleton! Hope you are doing well. We are really enjoying this episode!

  23. This one hopes MateKiddleton is fine physically and is just dealing with mental stress. While that too, is hard, with time it can be overcome. I hope this is the way of things as I don’t push away problems with luck and only share hope that people endure by making no permanent decisions.

    Since there interestingly are no dates in comments today is September 25.

    1. She has a baby. That takes up a lot of time.
      My phone only shows the dates in landscape orientation.

  24. I used to search a feminist website linking to worst web comics and blagging about their content. It eventually ended. Too bad.

  25. still showing up and still thinking of you.

  26. Thanks MK for all you’ve. drawn- I hope you’re alright.

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