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19 thoughts on “Elven 00188 | Queen Bee

  1. Heheheh, oopsie. Busted!

  2. Good thing we have a few ruthless anti-heros!

  3. Tarin isn’t like those thieves guild chumps; professionals like her have standards.

  4. You mean it isn’t the athletics department sheltering the bullies this time?

  5. The bullies have friends in high places? We’ll get the bottom of this, even if we have to go to the top!
    Tarin, were you going to say something?

  6. Hey Tarin, know any newly minted Paladins or self obsessed sorceresses in need of a quick EXP rush? Or a healer with questionable methods and even more questionable humour?

  7. School bullies must be excoriated! I don’t know what that means, but it sounds unpleasant.

    1. Literally, “excoriate” means to tear their skin off (rarely, only some of their skin). Definitely unpleasant. Of course, usually the word is used figuratively, and indicates criticism.

  8. Baseless! Baseless I say!

  9. Ohhh looks like a prime opportunity for Cyprien to train his tank-fu! Also I am going to laugh when Tarin inevitably kicks that ringleader in the nads.

    Also Thank you for the treat, its great to see a new update!

  10. Hahaha, gotta be careful when you start casting stones.

  11. Oops. Did the Guild get involved *because* they heard about her smuggling?

  12. Takes a thief to catch a thief?

    1. Entrepreneur, if you please. There’s a difference.

  13. is tarin her hair suppose to be see through for her eye and brow? when we see her right side of her face when she first mentions the thieves racket.

    1. Ya, sometimes I like to draw it through the hair. Depends on the panel.

  14. Do a quick records check to see which of them is related to important figures, most times seeing others as nothing more than money trees to be picked clean is bred into them from childhood and that makes them easy recruits for thieve’s guilds.

  15. Is Tarin even part of the guild? I get that she is a Rogue, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a member. Making wands available fills a much needed nitche for some students. It”s a verifiable stress relieving service she provides.

  16. That school sounds like a crime syndicate, but if anyone can handle this, it’s Tarin! She’s brilliant.

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