Elven 00055 | Adventure Time

8 thoughts on “Elven 00055 | Adventure Time

  1. I would be wary of a “healer” that wears a plague mask … just sayin … ಠ_ಠ

    1. And randomly showing up at your house uninvited…

    2. You should read about the plague doctors and why they had such crazy masks.

  2. “Where did you even come from?”
    “I don’t know, my parents never told me.”

    1. No way, she iz a medic. She knows __exactly__

  3. Three hot women on your team? Shut up and agree, you fool!

    1. How do you know the plague doctor is hot? That mask might be there for a reason

  4. Have you noticed she has the Lorule triforce on her belt?

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