Elven 00058 | Adventure Time

9 thoughts on “Elven 00058 | Adventure Time

  1. O_O

    All right … not that I don’t trust the healer wearing the plague mask still. Now I’m just now concerned with why she has so many healing items and why she thinks that much gear is going to be required for a quest to the basement.

    I’m worried for our protagonists.

    1. I’m less worried by a healer having an abundance of healing items than I am of them having beers, fireworks and a shovel. That seems to be pointing in an unpleasant direction.

  2. Something odd here. Today’s date is 2019-11-09 yet this strip is dated 2019-11-10. Who has the time machine? Come on, ‘fes up. I caught on when a comment came through on your RSS but not the strip.

    1. Something, something, something, timezone.

  3. D’oh! New Zealand. Got it. Hmm. The syndication should have updated at the same time, yes?

  4. Did Cyprien forget the scientific longsword he looted way back?

    1. No, it’s just too long to swing in a cave.

  5. Gotta love a well-stocked party

  6. Tactical Pistol and 80 rounds sounds more anti-hero than hero.

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