Elven 00070 | The Basement

8 thoughts on “Elven 00070 | The Basement

    1. Nuts anyone.

      1. No thanks, I don’t take nuts from willies.

  1. Bug spray is actually just a nerve agent. Works on bugs because they are small. For a centipede that big, the amount of bug spray required would kill all the adventurers first. Luckily for them, this is fantasy land!

  2. Theyre indies. Do they even HAVE a quest handler? O.O

    1. Could it be an Job like 00005-00007 or be that person itself?

  3. Dude, her nipple’s exposed

    1. Yep, in the previous strip too. Cyprien must be really focused on the mission or he’d have passed out from sudden blood-flow relocation by now…

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