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  1. I’m guarding your gol….back.

  2. If your tank falls, you’re next … a rogue’s position is either to flank the enemy or to hide behind the tank for cover … the loot can wait, it’s not going anywhere, unless if you’re planning on stealing it, in which case, gold bars are heavy … the one being shown right there, if my guess regarding its size is correct, looks like a good 30 pounds worth … relying on silverware means you have no equipment, no bag of holding, no handy haversack, no portable hole, no security coin purse, etc to lighten the weight.

    1. Remember, adolescents have impulse control issues. She’s still in high school. She’ll get there… assuming she survives that long.

      1. Adolescents are overwhelmingly in favour of lock-downs now … and overwhelmingly the ones spreading Covid-19 about to those who are vulnerable. It’s as if Ebonbolt’s comment about impulse control cried out for a real-world demonstration.
        Quick, get them segregated in in-person classes in high schools and colleges ASAP.

        1. are we really turning that into a political debate?!?

          It a fraking Comic! what she is doing is purely a humoristic trope.

  3. A gold ingot would be a better weapon than a fork.

    1. Well, she’s a rogue. Mauling someone probably isn’t her thing and you can’t stab some one with a gold bar.

      1. Makes a good sap though…especially if they had lemon chicken in that takeout
        there\’s nothing like a slice of lemon wrapped around a large gold brick 😉

        1. Eh, I prefer actual pan galactic gargle blaster.

  4. Priorities, Cyprien, priorities….

  5. How long has Tarin been living in the apartment? 32 comics now? And she’s only just discovered an iridescent bar? Wow, perception check fails.

    1. No, I think what she’s doing is ninja looting the defeated enemies.

    2. She’s next to a goblin with a fork in it’s head. She’s clearly picking up dropped loot.

  6. But to her credit, she offed a goblin with a cheap, carry-out-grade, plastic fork. As Vader once said, “Most impressive”.

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