Elven 00095 | Goblins

13 thoughts on “Elven 00095 | Goblins

  1. On the good couch lolipop. And yes I know that isn’t one.

  2. Dropped goblin treasure?

    1. Elven 00082 Wand of Minor Tremor. She sold one to SHARON2961.

      1. TY for the ref :thumbup:

  3. Definitely some kind of magic wand.

  4. Vibration magic, here I cum!

  5. That would be a Wand of Bigby\’s Probing Finger…you never sell the good stuff 😉

    1. Preferable to Bigby’s Clenched Fist I’d say…

      1. Or Evan’s spiked tentacles of forced intrusion.

  6. Well, I suppose after a long, arduous battle with goblins, one might get a little frisky. *^^*

  7. A peppermint stick… but can she really ‘taste’ that? 🙂

  8. Self-stimulation on the communal couch is a party foul with few exceptions. Even if you clean up, can you be sure you got it all?

    1. She’s a rogue, cleaning up the crime scene shouldn’t be a problem for her.

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