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17 thoughts on “Elven 00104 | Linneas Tech Tips

  1. Ah, the Laptop of Theseus.

    1. AKA Grandad\’s Broom.

  2. Brand new laptop? Nicest tech support ever … looks like you’ve made a new friend.

    Usually, if a computer is beyond repair, they say to go and buy a new one yourself.

    PS, I hope he becomes a recurring character … even if you have to make tech support jokes.

    1. lol, what Njall said, rather than replacing the top, he\’s more of buying the old one (full of porn, maybe especially of her) with the new one.

      1. Orrr the new laptop is always accessible for tech goblin to visit now, has an upgraded camera, does night vision.

    2. Now you KNOW..he’s going to fapping ALL NIGHT LOG to her fully functional laptop with it Video files of her!

    3. Wait for it… he hasn’t handed her the BILL yet.

  3. Yes, but he has the old laptop… and the hard drive.

    1. If that was the case, no need to take the whole laptop. Simple enough to say come back in a few hours while he “fixes” it. Connect an external drive or transfer over network, make a copy of every file of interest, then install malware to activate the webcam remotely or (if he’s really bad) by audio trigger. When it comes to such tech support, be careful who you trust.

  4. Got first world problems of having to tilt your mobile screen sideways to read the comic? Do not fret, Elven is now on Webtoons! Was it more work than it’s worth to set up vertically scrolling webcomics? Probably!

    1. Just look up the app Rotation Control. Solves all of your format issues.

    2. It’s cool if you managed to set up publishing pages to both without extra work. Single command, publish, done.

      Even though IME webtoons, tapas, smackjeeves, et al. are quite unusable. So I won’t, or outright cannot, read anything on there.

    3. Just scroll around and not feed more advertising data into the mill. Reset your advertising id weekly.

  5. Hey, is that an Arduino logo I see on the lid.

    1. Rhine Lab from Arknights, but holy shit they look similar 😀

  6. When you look a gift horse in the mouth, try not to do it in front of the gift-giver…

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