Elven 00137 | Just Another Bug Hunt

22 thoughts on “Elven 00137 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. That is one BAD pussy!!!! And who says wizards are weak?

    1. Inexperienced players who foolishly think hit die and bab are everything.

  2. Slash! Ahhhh! He’ll save every one of us!

    1. Extra bonus points for the Flash Gordon movie reference.

  3. It slices and dices but does it make fries?

  4. Impressive, but where does he get the power ton do all that What price, if any, does Dana have to pay?

  5. Make or break moment: depiction indicates a familiar more powerful than the summoner (or their fellow party members).

    When establishing a new character, especially a new party member, don’t break balance.

    1. Danalach has a lot of fireball power, at least. She just wasn’t free to use it. I don’t know how that would translate into physical dexterity and power. We may find this familiar has a weird minmax skill set, and is utterly useless at things that other familiars can do.

  6. ‘Singing’ “Where does he hide that 5 foot sword?” {Keiko Kaman theme song inspired}

  7. Either Dr. P. is very embarrassed, or she’s been working way too hard. 😉

    1. She appears to be near swooning over Dana’s familiar. Look out, Dana, lest the good doctor steal him away… for clinical study of course.

  8. So either the familiar has a boner, or he’s not very impressive…

    1. He’s been running around, fighting. There are certain feedback loops that generally result in that and he could lean to one side or the other.
      Besides, eww.

  9. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/FullFrontalAssault
    (I’d add Elven to their list, but I’m kinda locked out right now, for reasons.)

  10. OK, so now this is a slashfic. OK.

    1. If this series goes that route, I’m gone.

      1. I think the familiar falls into the “taken” category, judging by Dana’s expressions.

  11. Looks like her \’find familiar\’ spell was more of a \’summon strong sexy defender\’ one 😉
    She did get to \’customize\’ him, remember…

    1. This certainly explains why he looked so annoyed with her. She said ‘do something’, and he did. I hope Dana demonstrates some gratitude, now that she’s been enlightened.

  12. Kauthris, control yourself.

  13. Some one who can Hit their targets got ahold of a sword.

  14. Uh-oh, it looks like Cyprien has competition for Kauthris’ new boyfriend. ;}

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