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18 thoughts on “Elven 00140 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. He\’s just going to complain, isn\’t he? Nobody appreciates the healer…

  2. I really hope she’s charging him big time for all these heals.

    1. If, then he may well call it “rent”. But they’re a party, no?

      On another note, external application has a bigger chance of failing than quaffing, or what?

      1. especially as most of the second volley seems to smash on his armor

    2. Way back at the start of the basement scene, we saw her \’first aid kit if holding\’ getting filled,
      and she made a lot of heal kits from one carrion crawler so it looks like she\’d usually be packing a small infirmary around
      Given the way this party generally works, that\’s probably a good idea, I\’d cut her in for an extra percentage πŸ˜‰

  3. Bitch,bitch,bitch!!! At lease he finally got cure and healed 20 HPS to boot.

    1. technically only a +4 to health. Panel 1: loss of 8 hp, healed for 5 hp in panel 2 now down 3 health. loses 8 more in panel 3 now at -11 of full health. hit with 3 bottles to cure poison granting a total of +15 to his -11 for a gain of +4. But yes. no one thanks the healer. so rude.

      1. To be exact, Panel 1: loss 18hp, plus 16hp more in pannel two, only 20hp healed but saved from poisoned.
        Still he should say thank you to the healer or did one of you saw the “magic save point” πŸ™‚

      2. Net -14 if you take the previous strip into account.

  4. Establishing the rules before proceeding with the story, very nice.

    Also, those Battlefield Medicine potions are remarkably consistent @ +5 HP
    Kinda surprised breaking a bottle over someone’s head isn’t -1 HP … but
    then by Darkest Dungeon rules, using it on a dying ally would kill them.

  5. Thankfully, Kauthris added some sap of stickiness to the potions before labelling them \”for internal or external use only\”
    It doesn\’t really matter HOW you get healed, just so long as you get healed πŸ˜‰
    My clerics often charge to heal non-adherents to their own deity.
    Conversion or cash, all major currencies and magic items accepted, infidels pay in advance.

    1. I ran with a healer like that. When they refused to heal me because I couldn’t pay in advance I just nodded. Later when they were captured by orcs and being burned at the stake they yelled for help I told them to pay me in advance and they cussed me out. I cut up wood for the orcs because they said I was an okay guy being a half orc. The orcs gave me the healers cloths and gear to take out of their territory since it had bad karma.

  6. Just for the record, I really like the style of Kauthris\’ word bubbles πŸ™‚

  7. This needs to be a game mechanic in every MMO … cause I would laugh my arse off as the tank yelled “Ow … Ow … Ow … stop that … oh wait I need the heals … OW OW OW!!”

    1. Its Tough Love.

  8. Kauthris needs to play more softball, so she can improve her pitching skills. πŸ˜‰

    1. Why? She hasn’t missed yet, despite the Rapid Shot penalty.

  9. @Ebonbolt, wow, you’re right! (She must be team captain. πŸ˜‰ )

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