Elven 00142 | Just Another Bug Hunt

35 thoughts on “Elven 00142 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Why are you surprised? Dana has been working on the fireball spell since the first day of classes.

    1. She may be angry about the foot to the back like she was a step stool.

      1. To be fair, normally she would probably do the whole “step on me daddy” routine,
        but Danalach didn’t even ask if she was into it before she did it!
        Tarin was mentally unprepared for such pleasure, and is embarrassed for it.

        I know, I know .. probably not what is happening, but it’s fun to make up shit about Tarin. 😁

  2. Bout bloodly time they broke out the flame thrower.

  3. Looks like this is turning into a game of oneupmanship.

    1. Or else Tarin takes offense at being stepped on.

      1. Only way Dana could be sure Tarin was staying out of the way of the firestorm. I’m sure that’s the explanation 🙂

        1. I see a price increase in Dana’s future for Tarin-supplied mana potions.

  4. When all else fails, just nuke the entire area. Best way to deal with spiders.

    1. Nothing better than a good old exterminatus

    2. Nuke it from orbit…it’s the only way to be sure.

  5. Love to hear them sizzle till they’re crunchy.

  6. Is Tarin angry at the kill steal, the overkill nature, or the fact Dana has likely burned any loot to ash?

    1. It’s probably because Dana used her as a stepping stone (note the position of the foot on her back).

      1. Oh right didn’t see that, yeah that’s probably it.

  7. Poor Cyprien, he’s not getting any xp

  8. I’m in love ALL OVER AGAIN! Beautiful Blonde Destroyer is in the HOUSE ~ AGAIN!!!

  9. Panel #5: Tarin has her butt raised

  10. Need the rear angle of panel five…

    …sans clothes…

    …for research purposes…

    1. *bonk* go straight to horny jail. Do not pass GO. Do not collect $200.

    2. Wouldn’t one with clothes melt your hard drive already?

  11. Incendiary Spray? Burning Hands by any other name.

    1. I’m guessing it’s an improved version; Burning Hands doesn’t usually have that much damage output (this might have greater range, too).

      1. Looks like you guessed correctly … next panel offers a plot hook

  12. Dana knows what to do with what bugs her.

  13. \”I fireball the darkness, and anything hiding in it\”
    \”You burned the loot to ash\”
    \”I\’m alive, they aren\’t, I understand the situation but I fail to see the problem\”
    Definitely Sorceress material 😉

  14. Hopefully, Dr. K. will help Tarin swiftly with her aches and pains.

  15. “That only counts as one!”

  16. Soo Im guessing that after all that bloody, ichor and carnage Cyprien wil be the one with least kills (if any), in other words buisness as usuall.
    Which wont turn me away from cheering him on! Seriously, I cant wait till he gets really drunk and releases his inner murderhobo.

  17. Brilliant extreme mage.
    Placement of the foot very thoughtful not to tread on Tarin’s back. If she had then you’d see her heal.

  18. Hell hath no fury like a pissed-off elf.

    Also, Dana, you have to do that from orbit to be sure.

  19. Damn, Tarin sure is flexible. Dana and Kauthris need to investigate further to see just how flexible she may be, though.

  20. Okay. I give up. I just went through all the comments twice and still have no idea. What is the source material for the classes? Originally I thought D&D or pathfinder, but I don’t see templar or plague doctor as base classes. Is it pulling from several sources? I’ve see Darkest Dungeon mentioned a few times. Is that it? Should we be expecting a Decker and a Blue Mage to join the group next?

  21. Yes, there’s always that one individual in your party dying to kill everything at once… =P

    I dated him once.


  22. Ah yes, I know the textbook Danalach has been studying from. It was co-authored by Lina Inverse and Megumin.

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