Elven 00144 | Just Another Bug Hunt

25 thoughts on “Elven 00144 | Just Another Bug Hunt

  1. Well damn …

    That’s going to ruin your day …

  2. Boss fights deserve multiple panels

  3. someone should have brought the phial of Galadriel…

  4. Small nuclear device would be nice right now!!!

    1. Ripley: “I told you, nuke the site from orbit, but does anyone listen to me? Okay, well Hicks did, but acid splatter ruined his day.”

  5. Cyprien puts the whole group in danger again–it seems to be his main skill. ><

  6. It’s time to negotiate ! πŸ˜‰

    1. Odins_Missing_Eye

      “Alright, elves, I’ll cut you a deal if you do this quest for me: Kill the High Templar known as Ysteena!”

  7. I sure hope Cyprien isn’t relegated to merely being comic relief. Because jokes about how lame he is at absolutely everything are getting old.

    1. He has his strengths, going up against a huge, probably magical, spider with a non-magical sword and none of his bonuses just isn\’t one of them πŸ˜‰

  8. Time for the ancient and reliable spider fighting techniques…scream, hit it with a shoe and then kill it with fire…lots of fire!!

  9. Any bets the spider\’s red bar is longer than all of theirs put together ?

  10. I really hope one of Dana’s spells is a giant rolled up newspaper.

  11. It will be a short comic if they all die here.

  12. oh and I just realized that this is about the size perspective of the last time for Dana. I’m sure that will add lots of inspiration.

    1. Or maybe a catatonic coma.

  13. A see a Drowtales motif.
    Also, Ysteena was hoping Cyprian would bring loot unto her … uless she’s got a side deal with the arachnids.

    1. I expect it’s far more likely for Ysteena to claim full credit the same way she claimed the shield

      1. Maybe Cyprien should try for a little payback here. Perhaps he could decline the squire position and keep the loot? I’m sure Tarin is mentally working on an angle as we speak.

  14. Ok Cyprien. This is actually good, you are small target so you should get dodge bonus and since momma spider is so large you practically cannot miss her, now you need to chop her into manageable bits and youre done. Easy, especially with the aid of faithful, brave, incredibly skilled not to mention dedicated comrades at your back… Yeah youre good… Remember its still counts as one if you manage to bag her…

  15. Uhmmm guys, didnt Ysteena said there were three squires sent on this mission? Who is the fourth stiff on the last page then?

    1. Wandering adventurer/new party member they need a Bard πŸ˜‰

  16. Using insecticide on an arachnid? That is only 6/8th effective.

  17. Using insecticide on an arachnid? That is only 6/8th effective.

  18. Cut it’s legs off. Experience show a legless spider is a mostly harmless spider.

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