Elven 00157 | Return Of The Templar

19 thoughts on “Elven 00157 | Return Of The Templar

  1. That look in the second panel, she might as well be drooling
    Good thing they\’re only seen from the waist up, it\’s hard to draw an anime style \’panty drop\’ through plate armour 😉

  2. His brain exploded royal purple.

  3. Odins_Missing_Eye

    When you realize your life is actually a MMORPG

  4. OK, at least she genuinely seems to find him attractive, rather than just manipulating him. That’s something I guess.

    1. To me it feels more like she is just being manipulative through praise.

      1. Eh, she was going to take him as squire regardless. As he is her squire now there is no need for her to manipulate him, he is directly under her command. If he denies her orders it could likely cost him his templar powers again. I think she is really just pleased that he turned cute.

  5. In that last panel, Cyprien looks a bit lost. I can’t tell if he’s sad, or just confused. I hope Ysteena hasn’t inadvertently just broken his heart by dashing a lifelong dream.

  6. Unrelated to all of the new situational dynamics, may I just say, Ysteena is totally rockin’ that long, silky platinum.

  7. Time to update the cast page with some actual stats, I’d say.

  8. Call me confused. How can Ysteena be in the Templar Guild and be a Guildmaster in a different guild?

    Also, that is a spell for Charm Idiot, and Cyprien rolled a natural 1 or whatever would cause a double effect. Ysteena is not attracted to him in the least.

    1. Actually I think I get it now. Multiple Templar guilds, “The Order” is the main generic one and Ysteena’s “Argent” is a more specialized one.

    2. The Templar Order is an organization that recruits and trains members to become templars and assigns them to whatever job is most suitable for their abilities. It is not a guild since guilds allow multiple jobs/classes/professions to join. So long as the members pay their dues, there’s no rules saying that a person cannot be a member of both.

      1. Pretty much what I was thinking. She’s pretty much taking Cyprien out of the Templar Order’s direct oversight. He obviously was doing poorly there and now has the chance to shine.

        I wouldn’t be surprised if Cyprien is hesitant to join Argent but Ysteena will point out that he never fit in as a generic Templar and would be better suited in the Order.


  10. That look in our boi Cypriens eyes at the end does not spark joy. And oh my, Ysteena almost doing the “Ara ara” means his charisma probably hits like a wrecking ball now.

    1. Argent means money, he’d probably rather be fighting for ideals than riches.

      1. It does but it also just means \’silver\’ or sometimes \’white\’ in Heraldry so it might refer to her hair ?
        It\’s her guild so I suppose she can call it whatever she wants to for whatever reason she had at the time.
        More importantly, with that silver hair and deep \’tan\’, is she part Drow ? 😉

        1. Symbol/cross/plus sign on building has silver background, but symbol on her does not. If main meaning was color silver, that color would most likely also be part of logo on each member of group, or color of their armour, etc.

          Either way, so far she does seem much more focused on money/loot than ideals.

  11. I really dislike her. Transfer for Cyprien would be very good as long as he didn’t have to work for Ysteena. He’s her squire now though. C’est la vie!

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