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13 thoughts on “Elven 00061 | The Basement

  1. Haha, that’s what you get when you chose to be a tank 😀

    1. It’s a thankless job

      1. …but SOMEBODY’S got to do it! Cutting out the organs inch by in-…

        Wait, wrong fandom.


        1. at least two different campaigns said i was evil just cuz i search a dead cultests body who attacked me by the way inside and out inch by bloody inch just to make sure he wasnt hiding loot or secrets or cursed lockets or deadly marks of demon summoning somewhere upon or in his person

          i mean come on if we dont search the body thoroughly we might miss some random speck of evil that will comeback to kill us later

  2. He is the one wearing plate mail after all.

  3. Ah … this is bring back some old raid PTSD … Hope he can hold Aggro =)

    1. Looking at his past performances most likely not ^^

  4. See, this is why I was NEVER the tank in my games. *^^*

    1. I was always a hunter ….

      Go forth my loyal mea…er … pet … I’ll shoot them from back here while you hold argro … don’t worry … I’ll keep you healed (and rez you if you die).

      1. Exactly.
        Let the men fight it out, we cute defenseless healers are your salvation! *^^*

  5. Just found this comic, and I love it !
    And even though there’s 3 girls and one boy, it’s like reverse harem .. noone loves anyone. 😂

    Well, ok .. the tank may lust after the rogue, but that’s different.

  6. What happened to his longsword with the blue glow? The one the cockroach dropped.

  7. What’s really funny about this is I suspect he’s actually the lowest level character in the group: we know the wizard leveled up to 2nd, the healer most likely is a couple of levels up (what with all the stuff they have), and I wouldn’t even put it past the rogue to be 2nd level or higher.

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