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  1. Is that loot? Damn that dungeon is rather generous.

    1. There’s a dead carrion crawler in the pile too. Seriously, that’s probably the goods from all the dead to date. Isn’t Tarin Chaotic Neutral?

      1. Tarin is a Rogue. Of course she’s CN.

  2. Gee, it looks like Tarin killed her share already and is going to take her share of the spoils, or more.

  3. Well … a thief gota thief (or in this case … Ninja!)

  4. Shouldn’t the takeaway here be…

    The Mage and the Healer BOTH did almost double the damage the Templar did?!

    1. Cyprien is all about defense, which is why the others all hid behind him in a previous panel. Isn’t that typical for a Paladin?

    2. Well he’s a tank, so he isn’t supposed to do a lot of damage but to take it. The only thing strange here is the high healer damage.

      1. Be afraid of the DPS healer.

  5. Here’s a thought: are they all fighting their own baddies, or are they all attacking the same creature? And what would that say about Tarin killing her own?

  6. In the “about” section you mention voting for you on “top web comics” but I don’t see a link on the comic pages. Do you still want us to vote for you on “top web comics”?

    1. There’s a link in the about section, but there aren’t any on the comic pages cos I wanted to keep the site reasonably clean looking. But maybe I can work something out. Here’s the link anyway! https://www.topwebcomics.com/vote/13207

      1. You currently have five little words directly above the strip. What if you made it six, like this:
        Home Archives Cast About Vote Subscribe
        Would that work for you?

        1. I’m gonna rejig the bottom ad a little and see what happens.

        2. Nice! People aren’t going to miss that one.

  7. I am sooooo happy that you have started Elven up again. I love your art style and snappy humorous story line. I restored your comic to my TWC voting favorites. Speaking of which, you really need to put a TWC voting tab on your page. BTW, do you have a patreon page? If you keep up the great work, I may toss a few bucks your way which means you’ll join a select group of five artists out of over 70 comics I review on a Daily basis. Heheh, Dana is such a ‘hottie”.

    1. No Patreon, but I’m going to set up a Ko-Fi account. Patreon feels too much like a paywall whereas Ko-Fi is more like, oh I like your stuff, here’s a small tip.

  8. Thats what you get for inviting ninja

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