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13 thoughts on “Elven 00065 | The Basement

  1. Okay … I call Hacks!

    1. Doubly so, because there’s 11 medkits in the last panel. Kauthris must be spawning more.

  2. After years of playing WoW, I’ve got to tell you that corpses never drop any internal organs other than hearts.

    1. Well, there are things like “Corrupted Guts”… which admittedly isn’t a (specific) organ, but, there you are.

  3. That’s not how/where Darkest Dungeon gets their healing items … mangaka using a character from a game they haven’t played?

    1. ? The designs don’t look particularly similar beside the both wearing plague doctor masks, but that is a design a tad older than darkest dungeon.

      1. This plague doctor speaks in the same tones as the Darkest Dungeon narrator.

    2. multi game reference mate

    3. Still reading her lines in a voice of the narrator from Darkest Dungeon in my head. Fun as hell

  4. Some blanket or sponge for that poor, dirty mage would be more useful.

  5. Oh come on!
    Where was THAT ability in my D&D campaigns?! *^^*
    Plunder corpses. Why didn’t we ever think of that? We just took the gold pieces!

    1. My D&D campaigns, plundering corpses was useful as material components for ritual magics and reducing costs during item crafting.

      1. We collected them more as a humor thing, to make a homunculus out of the coolest parts of every weird monster we found

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