Elven 00066 | The Basement

9 thoughts on “Elven 00066 | The Basement

  1. Wow, Dana sure has worked a tough row. But, despite all the dirt, she’s still hot. And probably contagious.

  2. So many times I’ve wished for these in our world. I’d happily accept the monsters that go along with it.

    1. It’s called a “backup.”

  3. So wow! Now the pc’s can really save the day.

  4. Prestidigitation isn’t one of Dana’s cantrips, is it? Can be used for cleaning, multiple castings may be required, though few DMs bother with the one-foot square restriction.

  5. What I wouldn’t give to have something like that for use everytime I step out my front door!

    Imagine the being able to redo any given day … ah … the possibilities …

  6. Fear the SAVE POINT. *^^*
    When I was playing video games, I usually saw a save point as a sign that said “Prepare to die”. *^^*

  7. Why is she still dirty? What self respecting mage doesnt take prestidigitation as one of their cantrips?

  8. “Forsooth” means “indeed.” (I had to look it up.) 😉

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