Elven 00067 | The Basement

9 thoughts on “Elven 00067 | The Basement

  1. Dig in, kids. It’s party time!

  2. Sweet … boss fight

    Lots of healing items, but are they ready?

  3. Rah rah ree! Stab ’em in the knee! Rah rah rass! Stab ’em in the other knee!

    1. But what if they have no knees to stab?

  4. Hi there, i don’t see any info about you the author on the about page? Just stumbled upon your comic on an ad banner somewheres. Deviantart? twitter? anywhere else you place your artwork besides this site?

    1. Nope, all posted here only. I might post some random art stuff on Ko-Fi in the future though.

  5. … i could swear i posted a comment a moment ago but its not there?

    author, do you post your work anywhere else besides here?

  6. “Having trouble with a mob? Just remember to keep your HP above 0 while reducing theirs to 0! Works every time!!” WOW tip from the loading page.

  7. Pro tip: Shoot it until it dies.
    -DooM Instruction Manual, “Cyberdemon.”

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