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14 thoughts on “Elven 00068 | The Basement

  1. Not even going to show the fight? That’s disappointing 🙁

    1. I dunno, there are two more fighters whose levels are not revealed yet.
      Also Kauthris (healer) has lots of stuff in inventory.

  2. I love the “Alfred Hitchcock-esque” of it all. Let the reader imagine what happened in the fight, the really important part is the “res” and how they experience it for the first time. Well played.

  3. At least they returned still holding all their gear. Some RPG games you come back with just your clothes on.

    1. Yeah. I’m wondering if they lost something like points, or stored items…..

      1. If you look at Dana at least their “armour” stays in a damaged state.

  4. Poor Dana, first all that goo and now her clothes are torn. Hope they’ll get massive loot from that dungeon.

  5. You know I just realized something. That is a 3.5″ HD “floppy” disk being used as a save point. It got me wondering just how many people reading this comic (and comment) actually know what that actually is and what it was used for (other than the save icon on your given electronic device … actually do they still use that icon … checks pc real fast … well damn … windows 10 seems to no longer use it)

    Damn I’m getting old … (◞‸◟;)

    1. @Animeswords. Nah, not old, “experienced.”

    2. I’m heavily not religious, but in the early 90’s I saw a picture that made me laugh. It said:
      “Jesus Saves…”
      “…and so should you!”
      With the white Jesus holding a 3.5″ floppy disk in his left hand like he was making a blessing. This pops into my head every time I hear ‘Jesus Saves.’

  6. I’ve played games where you even lost some of your “clothes” when you died. 😛

    1. I would say that most of Dana’s clothes didn’t respawn. Her hair and hand are making this nc17.

  7. Sometime in the future the story of why her hat didn’t respawn would make a good flashback point.

    1. I was wondering when someone would notice

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