Elven 00074 | Level 2 Squire

8 thoughts on “Elven 00074 | Level 2 Squire

  1. So Cyprien’s mistap didn’t turn out so bad, after all….

    ….although Tairin wil probably ruin THAT for him. ><

    1. Maybe he can persuade the next boss or ask the quest giver if they get the reward for free.

  2. One stat boost can do a whole lot of things.

  3. And then she’ll realise she now has a crush on him…

  4. guessing Dana took Wis as a dump stat and her will check is even lower than his persuade 😉

  5. I like him already… 🙂

  6. Franky, I like this new situation … she deserves it.

  7. Isn’t there a shield that deflects charisma?

    We should so be making one of those. *^^*

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