Elven 00075 | Level 2 Squire

11 thoughts on “Elven 00075 | Level 2 Squire

  1. Aw man, I wish I could do that … all the free meals you could get .. I mean, dates you could go on !

  2. I wonder how far he’ll take this? Threesome perhaps?

  3. Okay, that’s not one point, that was all his points … Cyprien must have gone all-in on Charisma.

    I hope there’s a paragon/prestige class he can go into later on after a few level-ups to make the most of this.

    1. Or everyone else’s will saves are low…

  4. I was actually feeling sorry for Cyprien before he got the charisma bonus, but it is becoming more and more obvious that he didn’t srart out with nearly enough points in INT. ><

    1. Well, he’s a tank. Points in Int are a waste there.

  5. STR: 6
    DEX: 2
    INT: 1
    CHAR: 8
    WIS: 0

  6. Is this gonna end in a respec?

  7. On the bright side, he should get more gold from selling his crap now. 😀

  8. This could get out of control in a hurry.
    Before you know it, there will be slumber parties and negligee. *^^*

  9. Really love Elven. Simply it’s fun.

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