Elven 00076 | Affliction

8 thoughts on “Elven 00076 | Affliction

  1. At lease it’s not a rotting disease. That could be very bad for a relationship if you kiss them and lips or head fall off their body landing in your lap.

  2. She *could* have just said she had a headache. Mind you, two weeks worth of headaches might sound like a brain haemmorhage, so maybe on balance…

    1. Frankly, I think Syphilis beats the ol’ headache defense … he’s not likely to ignore the Syphilis warning.

  3. Huh, I had forgotten about this…

  4. Huh. Kauthris brought Dana back from the dead, but can’t magically cure syph? O.o

    Next time, Dana, dodge the bug spit. ><

    1. Even worse that it persists thru death. Wasn’t she killed and respawned by the boss after she got that?
      Normally such effects go away in a “death”scenario.

      1. To be fair, though, she saved before the boss fight – saving current status effects in the process. When she died, she just reloaded to the save point.

  5. Just be happy it wasn’t mummy rot.

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