Elven 00078 | Affliction

12 thoughts on “Elven 00078 | Affliction

  1. Well that is a either a new coronavirus strain or Chitulu’s summer home!?!!

  2. Her Vagina has become a Tentacle Monster… It shall seek out Japanese Schoolgirls to rob them of their virginity

  3. Girl, you seriously need to get a bikini wax, like NOW!

  4. Wow … reminds of the Movie “Teeth” …

    Note: Just watch the preview and you’ll get the reference.

  5. …and she doesn’t.

  6. She’s been Corrupted by N’Zoth!

    ((Warcraft reference))

  7. Reminds me of Clara’s pussy octopus from Drawn Together … https://i.imgur.com/yhvzgdg.gif

    Ain’t nothing new under the sun, eh?

  8. Ï don’t know what possessed me!” Danalach

  9. Actually, in sex education films, this is exactly how I recall them describing it. lol

  10. “HE COMES” Not in there.

  11. No, it’s not syphilis. It’s either Cthulhumidia or Mi-Gonnorhea.

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