Elven 00079 | Affliction

9 thoughts on “Elven 00079 | Affliction

  1. Hmmmm….smel..sounds fishy to me?

    1. At least you’re not making calamari jokes…..

  2. I have this image of Tarin running as fast as she can while a hairy black squidling chases her around the basement. Drink that tea fast, Tarin!

  3. Tarin – ” I hear nothing, nothing at all!”

  4. I’ve se … er … heard of a bunch of hentai … and know where this leads to.

    Good luck healer … you going to need it …

  5. And then, came the pea soup… *^^*

  6. Someone has also watched Drawn together.
    Vagos tentical monsters is not something normal people dream up.

    1. They’re also not incredibly rare. They’re the the counterpoint to tentacle penis monsters.

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