Elven 00080 | Affliction

21 thoughts on “Elven 00080 | Affliction

  1. Like, how many razors did that take?

  2. Guess she wanted a pack of cigarettes after that adventure.

  3. hehe… tenebrous

  4. Maybe those tentacles were part of a quest chain that started with the shower

  5. I have a strong suspicion that this strip is a reference to “Lucy”.

    God, I’ve hated that USB stick ending SO much…

  6. I seem to recall a tv show, or something like it, where the door would open to different places depending on what key was used. Does anyone else think this might be the case?

    1. That would be “Locke and Key”. There’s a TV show, yes. But the comic is better.

  7. That’s a quest item. Check the data.

  8. If this one (USB) leads to the attic … be worried … be very, very, worried.

  9. It’s not worth anything unless it holds at LEAST 32 gigs. *^^*

    Drop USB stick.

    1. Remember the days when 2GB USB drives were super expensive

      1. Remember the days when 64MB USB drives were expensive, and we thought they were amazing, because they could hold 44 floppies worth of data?

        1. *sigh* I remember my Zip 750 drive, which connected to a new port type (Universal Standard Bus). I only ever got two 750MB disks; one of them I used to back up my hard drive. Entirely. With space left over. The 1 GB Jaz Drive was superfluous (not to mention the 2 GB Jaz).
          Now, a 2 TB drive is too small, and everything runs out of space in a year because of upgrades to apps.
          (Get off my lawn! Darn kids.)

        2. hehe, I know what you mean. First box I built was a Pentium II 333MHz with 16MB ram. Don’t remember the HDD size, but it was less than 500MB. Now PCs struggle with multi-core 3+Ghz and 16GB ram.

        3. Well, damn, now I feel old … my frist PC was a 386 with added co-processor and an 85 MB Harddrive.
          And that was my .. hmm … 4th digital machine ?
          I don’t really count the Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 as PC’s, since they were so different.
          Nor do I consider my digital watch, nor the old Philips Odyssey 2001 a computer in any way,, shape or form .. though they were digital – And the Odyssey 2001 was the beginning of the “beige plastic” trend.

        4. Don’t worry, Sheila. I remember when “floppy disk” was accurate, too. I’ve also encountered punch cards (though I never had to work with them).

        5. Ditto on the punch cards….though remember where ditto comes from? (The name of the machine that made the copies.) While I’m glad we have moved on to photo copies from Xeroxs, I miss Kodak moments.

  10. Atari 400 ? later an 800 and a $400 5 1/2\” floppy drive…
    first \’commercial\’ PC was a 486 33Mhz and later added a daughter board to get 66Mhz

    1. I still got a working MC-10 and a CoCo 3 with an all powerful 300 baud modem upstairs. I’m half tempted to hook those things up and start coding in BASIC again with all the staying in house I have to do.

      1. Do you live in a cave??

  11. How much XP did Dana and Kauthtr grt for the vagina squid extermination?

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