Elven 00081 | Back To School

5 thoughts on “Elven 00081 | Back To School

  1. I mean it aint the teachers field of study

  2. Very tiny devices (so tiny, they are invisible to naked eye) contain stored dark energy, listen to wizards, and when they detect certain phrases, they use that dark energy into whatever the spell is. Did ancients create those devices, or just specification of what they should do is up for a debate.

    1. So… you’re going with the “Make My Abilities Average” answer? Nanomachines, son.

  3. Found this comic the other day and just got caught up. Gotta say, loving it so far. Great story, can’t wait for the next update.

  4. Someone told me that science that is extremely advanced and inexplicable is no different than magic. Personally, Iā€™m amazed that photography exists. šŸ™‚

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