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34 thoughts on “Elven 00082 | Back To School

  1. She’s going to use it for the same thing Tarin does…..

  2. The question is: How often has Tarin used it?

  3. Tarin is judging you.

    1. Ack, I apologize for the double post, please send it on vacation ? 🙂

      1. Sure, I’ll keep this one then 😉

        1. Thankies! 😀

          Btw, my browser doesn’t seem to save the name/e-mail info, even if I tick the box.
          Any ideas what I can do to make it remember ?

        2. Hmm doesn’t appear to be any settings here that are out of the ordinary. Maybe check browser privacy settings?

        3. Gah, sorry about the thumbdown … didn’t mean to do that.

          I have killed my cache a few times, it didn’t help. 🙁

        4. Its cookie and JavaScript related.

  4. For olive harvesting?

  5. I’m not going to even make a joke about this one. My mind is in the gutter already.

    1. Pretty sure everyone’s mind is in the gutter on this one. . .

    2. Yeah, people. Let’s get our minds out of the gutter and back into the sewer where they belong.

  6. I am NOT going to comment. *^^*

    But if I was going to comment, I would tell her to be REALLY careful with that. *^^*

  7. MINOR tremor?!

    She’s not that adventurous, is she? *^^*

    Oh dammit, I commented lol

  8. Oh hey, a magic dildo spell that doesn’t exist in D&D lore … yet … 🪄

    1. DnD 5e has something similar, but it’s called the “Wand of Smiles” (batteries not required, recharges itself)

    2. There’s a book for that…

      1. Let me guess, Book of Erotic Fantasy? One of my former players gave it to me as a birthday gift. Not even kidding.

        1. Plenty of fun stuff in that book. You don’t even have to use the R-rated stuff to get decent value. The recent storyline in this comic proves that. There’s also a bunch of fantastic spells that are rated G (you just have to copy them out if you want to use them).

  9. Captain Obvious has been littering the place with his aura, I see.

  10. So she uses the bleach to clean up used wands for resell?
    Would that even be enough in a world with magical diseases that grow tentacles in your private regions?

    1. Surely there are wand condoms.

  11. Hey, Mate Kiddleton, I have been a follower since your first comic posting all those years ago, and there was a game that you posted some time after that was really enjoyable. Would you mind posting it again?

    1. Hey Narxiso, yep Flur. It probably won’t run anymore on NinjaKiwi. You can try Kongregate or Newgrounds. As long as browsers still support flash, it will run.

      1. Well, that’s a cute little game. 😀

        1. Thanks, it was done in two/three weeks as a game jam challenge!

        2. Well, I enjoyed it .. so thanks. 😁

          Also, dang, another double post!
          Where do they come from ? 🤣

      2. Thank you so much for your reply. I got to play it again, and it brings back good memories. The sound track is also amazing.

        1. Thanks! I wrote the music!

        2. That’s incredible. I understand why it took so long to come back to this. You really wear a lot of hats. Are there any other projects that you’ve worked on?

        3. Yep, making games is the day job.

  12. To upsell in trade for a wand of Major tremor of course.

  13. I like the characters in this comic a lot. An unscrupulous rogue is such a great friend.
    However, I must protest the smoking – it’s just so gross… >_<

    (imagine each of millions of the lungs Alveoli, each screaming as it dies and explodes… think of the Alveoli!!)

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