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17 thoughts on “Elven 00083 | Back To School

  1. Damn… Can Tarin stay like that forever, please?

  2. Where can I get some of that potion? May be Amazon?

  3. “Take as needed”

  4. Chug!




  5. A potion of Eagle’s Splendor typically gives +4 or +5 Charisma, lasting anywhere from a few minutes to nearly a day.
    The one just drunk gives +8, meaning it’s an exceptionally powerful version of the potion, the effect might last days.

    1. Poor Cyprien?

  6. She’s going to have a Charisma-off with Cyprien, isn’t she ?

    And then they’ll both end up on the couch playing games,
    while Danalach have to fetch them all sorts of stuff.
    Maybe give them foot massages too! 🤣

    1. Don’t charisma competitions usually end with the contestants sleeping together?

      1. Cyprien would like that 😉

        1. Yeah, but they’re too lazy for that. 🤣

        2. That would imply Sex is a chore

  7. We have a running bet over here that he bought the drought from her just to tell her it doesn’t work so she would drink it.

  8. Maybe it meant “table-sized spoons”?

  9. Huh.
    I must not be drinking enough eagle’s splendor. *^^*

  10. Sorry…. But even that +8 Cha boost (and those hips.. those lips… those… O_o )
    …cannot make the smoking not gross… >_<

  11. She really should quit smoking. 😉

  12. It occurs to me that when Charisma is high enough, commands to go away don’t really work.

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