Elven 00087 | Familiar

14 thoughts on “Elven 00087 | Familiar

  1. Something tells me that Dana didn’t think this thing through very well. ^^

    1. Does she ever?

  2. How about “Beefcake#1”

    1. Kind of easy to guess. I suggest a stronger name beef_smasher#69. It gives ample innuendos and is stupid long.

  3. Oh she thought it through for about long as it took for lust to set in… which was likely a few seconds… how about “s3xt0y4me!”

    1. And the 2-factor authentication?

      1. Touch activation with voice backup

  4. What would the two-factor identification be in this case? A literal handshake?

    1. Did you mispronounce “mutual handjob”?

  5. Darn it … I thought I summoned a Gnam Anime GIF from Gnam GIFs … instead … I summoned Bicentennial Man Robot GIF from Bicentennialman GIFs

  6. What’s this? Familiar is running on an AI script? Time to test its intelligence, establish any limitations. If you wait for combat to do this, you’ll regret it.

  7. Something tells me he got neutered… 🙂

  8. Dammit, there’s always a catch… *^^*

    I can’t really see myself screaming, “Oh God, YES, HEhji34/69^*15!” during sex…

  9. He sounds depressingly- familiar. 😉 (Too many passwords nowadays.)

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