Elven 00088 | Familiar

12 thoughts on “Elven 00088 | Familiar

  1. Silly me. I assumed she had done THAT when she summoned him.

  2. By the time she’s done, he’s going to basically be a walking penis with legs, isn’t he?

    1. Brundlepenis

  3. Who’s Dana’s hot friend, I love me some redhead

    1. Go back to Elven 00016 | Extension 2019-08-01. They’re in class together. Her name’s Sev.

  4. Same thought process for real dolls, you know … gonna regret not testing the AI’s limitations over such superficial concerns.

  5. Oh, Dana. You know, the details of the creators… Did anyone notice that with everything else that shows Dana blushing, her eyebrows show just a little more depth to her emotion. She knows she’s being naughty.

    1. Also – the half-bit lip …

  6. She’s having waaaaay too much fun for her own good.

  7. “But I did summon an animal. If you know what I mean”

  8. So it’s like IMVU, only 1000% more useful. *^^*

    1. Remember those days when IMVU ads were spammed all over the place

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