Elven 00089 | Familiar

6 thoughts on “Elven 00089 | Familiar

  1. 1 snap for stud. 2 snaps for mega stud. And 3 snaps for XXX stud and party all night long.

  2. She’d best not snap her fingers absent-mindedly. I’ll bet even Tarin woud raise her eyebrows at that. ^^

  3. Don’t like repeating myself, last post about failing to test your familiar’s skills and limitations … can all but assure this will lead to regrets later on.

    1. Remember chapter 1: Dana practiced casting fireball indoors, then had to learn a water spell to put it out. All the forethought and long term planning of an ADHD 2-year-old.

      1. She lives in the moment.

  4. There really should come with a manual with shortcut codes. *^^*

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