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  1. What about orcs? I heard that they are a good source of pork products.

  2. “To help you live a little longer, what doesn’t kill you makes you–level up!” (With apologies to Pier Hein.)

  3. Goblins make loot? Please expand on that theme.

    1. I don’t think they make the loot, just redistribute it after looting it from other sources. Rich guy gets his house looted and burned down by goblins, adventurers kill the goblins and loot the treasure, and then it gets sold as vendor trash to merchants and then bought by rich people.

      1. RPG economics!

    2. They’re monsters, monsters drop loot. For examples, take the shower slime or the basement dungeon.

      1. I didn’t say “drop”, I said “make” … a goblin culture that crafts and manufactures would be interesting.

    3. Either goblins can mine+craft their own gear or they loot humans/orcs/etc and only elves are skilled enough to kill them.

      Or its like Strip #8 where they spontaneously generate stuff. Explains why goblins would carry and/or want armor they are too small to wear.

  4. That is the plot of the webcomic “Goblins”. But from the goblin point of view

    1. Sounds a lot like “By The Book.” It’s a story about a gang of goblins that find “The Adventurer’s Handbook”, which sounds a lot like a D&D Guidebook and decide to be the ones getting the loot.

  5. You mean the Goblins from https://www.goblinscomic.org/ ? Maybe it’s time for a crossover comic? 🙂

  6. Oh, a hearth stone pillow. Nice Easter egg 😀

    1. I know, a year late, just wanted to say, nice catch there. Hearthstone online game it is.

  7. Wait, is that the logo from “The Hollow”?

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