Elven 00091 | Goblins

12 thoughts on “Elven 00091 | Goblins

  1. “A problem doesn’t exist if you don’t acknowledge it” -Socrates

    1. Wasn\’t it Schrodinger that said that? Although I\’m not entirely cert… right.

      1. Trotsky (the truly bad guys get most the really good lines) once told a woman who said she’s not interested n war, “Then pray, madame, that war does not take an interest in you.”

  2. Wait! Where’d that hearth stone pillow get off to?

    1. Goblins stole it!
      Little thieves 🙁

  3. Nice change of artstyle … put a lot more detail into the background elements.

  4. Let the XP come to your doorstep.

  5. Pffft! Only three goblins versus Tarin? She’ll mop the floor with them. ^^

    Oh, wait. She has Cyprien on her side–that’ll make it a lot harder for her. ><

    1. Rogue plus flanker = sneak attack

      Harder, you say?

  6. As long as they pay rent.

  7. has enter the chat…

    Did someone say … GOBLINS ???

  8. Did someone say …. GOBLINS ???

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