Elven 00097 | Goblins

15 thoughts on “Elven 00097 | Goblins

  1. That’s it Cyprien, stand there and stare while somebody more alert ninjas it. Remember that friendlies can be more annoying than the mobs you’re fighting. ^^

    1. Since the shield dropped in response to (the results of) Cyprien’s action (in panel 1), I don’t think he had actions remaining to grab it himself before panel 4, when it was already too late. I may be wrong, but that’s how it seems to me.

  2. That bastard! I hate when it when you work your ass off to earn something, even if it’s by pure luck, only for someone else to steal it at the last second.

  3. No wonder there’s a goblin infestation: the Order is more concerned with swiping the best loot than with fighting! I guess the “Lawful Good’ on the paperwork is more of a suggestion…

  4. This… this reminds me of WAY back in the day of the Sega Dreamcast and Phantasy Online where myself and coworkers would play with our Gamestop boss in Phantasy Star Online…
    Kevin would always complain that our boss was always “Stealing all the treasures!”

  5. It’s that pirate (AKA the fifth dwarf) from Colossal Cave (AKA ADVENT) who keeps his loot in a chest in the all-different maze.

  6. Time to go PKing.

    1. Indeed it is.

  7. D&D players do not care about feelings. *^^*

  8. Scroll of Identify: Accursed Shield, -10 STR, -15 DEX, -120 HP.

  9. Griefers. Every single MMORPG ever.

  10. Only okay if it was Naofumi because he would give it back after imprinting it. Everybody else gets the rape goblins.

  11. Okay, fine in the middle of a goblin battle, but when the fighting is done and we’re back in the barracks, Cyprion needs to open a can of whupass. Among the troops nobody tolerates a thief.

  12. Time to call in a favor with his room mate to get that shield back since he has enough charisma. don’t steal from the paladin if they have a thief/rogue/ninja to do the dirty work for them 😀

    1. But then he can’t keep it himself. Stolen property and all. Which is, I know, hypocritical, but Dibsy here can technically claim that the shield was unclaimed when he grabbed it. It’s not right, but it is legal. Cyp should probably start reflexively calling dibs on all drops from his kills.

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