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17 thoughts on “Elven 00098 | Goblins

  1. Charm-zero.


    Sportsmanship-minus one.

  2. You know they mean business when their names starts with “Y”

  3. Power corrupts … combine that with religion … whoo boy.

  4. So she is basically a dis-honorable POS that cheats and steals her way to the top….. Next stop for her…..Politics!

  5. Funny how it\’s always the ones who don\’t need things that end up taking them from those who do…
    That\’s why I don\’t play online games very often…it\’s always some punk thinking it makes them \’uber\’ in some way
    Stealing treasure from the people who need the things that were placed to help them out just loses players
    I guess for them, having people think you\’re an asshat still means they\’re thinking of you and that counts o.O

  6. pretty sure that would come with a negative penalty to alignment…

    1. “Mass murderer” is unlikely to be good.

      1. in 2005 Gary Gygax, while talking about actions that are Lawful Good, stated that a genocidal mass murderer calling for the killing of non-combatants in the case they become combatants later was stating an “observable fact.”

        1. Appeal to authority, eh? Sure … good luck finding a citation for that “observable fact” from any source other than a web forum.

  7. Christian Gauthier

    Just described marriage and divorce in a nutshell

  8. Oh, karma! Over here, karma!

  9. How is this creature a knight templar. A thief, a murderer, totally amoral. That ain’t right, dude.

  10. Seems like someone’s got incoming expenses. I mean bribes at the alignment check at this level are probably ridiculously high. They need all the loot they can grab to afford it.

  11. Charisma +holy #!%$^*!

    Also…a new love interest blooming? ♥

  12. Ah… can’t she get far better loot on her own? For that matter, being high level like that why doesn’t she have better loot ALREADY?

  13. So that’s messed up. Seems like she’d have a bunch of those things in her holding bag.

  14. Awww….., he’s in love.


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