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  1. You all saw it! That shed was attacking them!

    1. Indeed. The shed is, after all, related to the gazebo.

  2. Up Next: Dana gets Sued

  3. What shed? I’m pretty sure there never was a shed here, and to suggest otherwise is simply ridiculous.

    1. Marty Feldman in Young Frankenstein: “What hump?”

  4. If by him you mean the shed, then yes you did.

  5. This is very tactically astute move. The enemy now has absolutely nowhere to hide.

  6. Those goblins cause sooo much collateral damage….

    “…it became necessary to destroy the town to save it…”

    1. It’s necessary to destroy the buildings to save the people. you can always rebuild buildings, but people take longer to put back together and don’t always work the same afterwards.

      1. Frankly, I consider the results an IMPROVEMENT.

      2. Yes … but creating new people is often a lot more fun. It’s proven very popular since the very first person.

  7. “Did I get him?” If you have to ask, the answer is usually no … keep up your guard, watch out for sneak attacks.

    Where there’s one goblin, there’s often a lot more … they’re rarely solitary hunters, especially when pillaging.

    City adventurers have to recognize they’re not in a dungeon, property destruction comes out of their reward money.

    Glad to see Dana’s power level has increased to 9A … https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Tiering_System

    1. Lina once found that out the hard way, though in her case it was a dragon and she casue much more damage. Episode ended with her and her sword swinging companion fleeing what was left of the town with angry towns folk behind her.

      1. Are you talking about Lina Inverse / Slayers?

  8. At least it wasn\’t a gazebo, that\’s too high a DC for their level 😉

    This strip never fails to give me a giggle, gave it a plug over here
    Seems only fair to return the favour…


  9. A certain Arthur Jackson would like a word.

    1. It might help him with the nickname.

  10. So who’s the uber-spontaneous friend? That style seems vaguely familiar.

  11. Wait, where’s the familiar ?
    He could totally have seduced that Goblin !

  12. State Farm should cover that. *^^*

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