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  1. So they’re standing around saying “lol”?

    I feel old now.

  2. I’d imagine a type 2+ Kardishev civilization as the equivalent of mythological gods … the idea that they’d come looking for lesser civilizations to mess with is laughable … the equivalent of traveling across the world just to stomp on some anthill.

    1. I actually think it’s fairly plausible. Sure the majority of the super-advanced people probably would see it as below them, but if just a handful of them out of however many trillion there probably are decided to come by and mess with a lower civilization? Well that’s your pantheon. And I also disagree that it’s the equivalent of stomping on an anthill. Yes, the lesser civilization is, by definition, LESSER, but not unobtainably so, like the relationship between human and ant is. It would require a miracle of untold proportion for ants to reach human heights, while on the other hand it is conceivable that we might (one day) reach the heights of the Kardishev scale, and become a civilization equivalent to mythological gods. And I just realized that I’ve been rambling and this reply has gotten way out of hand, so I’m going to end it here.

      1. Divine teenagers ? Like Trelane from Star Trek ? That would explain ssoooo many things in this world 🙂

    2. Wait, isn’t that what more advanced civilizations do? I mean, you know, out of sheer boredom? 😉

      1. There’s enough people playing Sim City and Civilization V that I think they probably would. City building and 4x games are pretty fun

        1. I used to love playing Civ Rev on my box 360 … let’s put a hypothetical question along those lines:

          Your civilization is the first to discover Space Flight, you gain full knowledge of the map, find a tiny out of the way island 20 squares from your nearest city with a barbarian hut on top of it … you’re currently earning thousands of gold per turn, the hut offers 30 to 50 gold on a kill … do you load a cruiser with a tank army to exterminate them?

  3. This is the wrong comic for that, Cyprien….

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