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  1. Tarin! Stop being logical! ^^

    1. This is Sev, Dana’s friend from school. She was with her when she blew up the shed a couple pages ago. First appeared on https://elven.co.nz/comic/elven-00016/

  2. Bigger pockets in a world with magic … either enchant an item that creates an extradimensional space similar to bag of holding, handy haversack, robe of pockets, security pouch, etc … what I wouldn’t give for a lesser version of the Secret Chest spell … https://roll20.net/compendium/dnd5e/Secret%20Chest#content

    PS, I’m aware that this is a joke about how some women’s clothes have tiny and/or non-functional pockets for the sake of fashion … as if you can’t shop for something more practical … https://www.fastcompany.com/90262598/pockets

    1. Another option would be shrinkable/foldable phones (world with magic, after all). I do think the “just get a bigger phone” trend is foolish; I have big hands, but many do not. There’s a reason they don’t market tablets with phone capability.

      1. True about the marketing, but tablets with phone capability do exist … they’re great for video calls.

      2. Testertestington550

        I mean, new phones with 6.7(galaxy note 20) amd 6.8 inch (oneplus 8 pro) screens they might as well be tablets at this point…

  3. But bigger pockets don’t fit on the super tight short shorts she like to wear.

    1. she should enchant her shorts with storage magic so her pockets act like a bottomless bag. i’d go one step further and make it so you can only put things in on one side and take them out from the other. just need to make sure you remember what side you put your important stuff in for quick access. i’d put them in the right side and put all kinds of traps and things in the left so anyone seeing me put things in the right side would regret it if they try to steal them.

    2. Now that she has evicted the giant squid from her bag of holding, she could stick it there…j/k

      I just read the archive. Now I found have another updates on Sunday comic, I must say I found this very entertaining.

      The humour has been turned up to Elven.

  4. “For bigger pockets I’d need bigger pants. They wouldn’t fit.”
    “So get a bigger ass!”

    1. ben and jerry’s to the rescue!


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