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  1. I have a feeling that third frame is going to turn into a meme … https://i.ibb.co/zhDpRH8/Dana-from-Elven-says-No.png

    1. Aaaaaand saved.

  2. I love your facial expressions and art style.

    1. Thanks! I try my best

  3. Apple punishes the thrifty. You pay the full price for the authorized equipment, or you pay the consequences….

    ….apparently her world’s version of Apple has the same business model….

    1. There are ways to trick Apple systems into thinking your equipment is authorized, but then, people with tech skills required probably don’t buy Apple in the first place.

      1. You’d be surprised how many techies end up with apple hardware, the stereotype of the artsy-fartsy non-techie apple user notwithstanding.

        Techies tend to be Not Amused at not being allowed to repair things that they paid for to own.

      2. That’s a mighty broad brush you have in your hand. You be careful where you point it – it may go off.

      3. As a techie that\’s never been an Apple fan and has held more than a little grudge against Apple since some of their lawsuit shenanigans in the US against the other phone vendors about design patents vs tech patents, I will admit that their hardware QC can be tempting when comparing against other vendors.

      4. I use Apple products exclusively (ok except for gaming), and I’m a tech savvy as they come! As in, I literally write software for a living. Granted, the software I write is for iPhones and iPads haha, so it’s a good thing I like Macs, since you can’t use anything else. But to be clear, I was using Macs long before I got into the software engineering biz.

  4. If I had my way I’d still be working with a DEC Alpha/PC running OpenVMS.

    1. What’s stopping you? I run much of my stuff on a C7D (natch), with X on something with more oomp for the browser that really needs it. Even though the fscker gives me about the same crash-y performance as netscape did on my workstation around the turn of the millennium.

      On another note, I’ve been idly wondering what’d happen if someone with time and money on their hands would dig up the blueprints and put alpha on a reasonably modern but relatively affordable process node. But then, I’d noticed back when already that you could’ve had a dual core gigahertz mips64 laptop in a 10W TDP envelope, when the wintendo crowd was struggling with single core 20W+ crap and getting no battery life out of it. There’s so much more possible than our esteemed laptop providing companies see fit to provide us. This hasn’t gotten better in the meantime either.

  5. If the laptop is going from full to crash in two minutes, it sounds like a problem with the battery, not the charger. I always get AppleCare for my laptops. They’ll replace the battery if it fails in three years. Laptops really aren’t good for self repair. I rather spend my DIY time on the things I connect to the Apple MacBook such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and similar devices.

    1. Easy fix, Linneus will probably use a Thaumometer to quickly figure out that the unstable flow from the “at least mid-price knock-off” chargers have cracked one or more of the mana crystals that make up the battery. (that or a goblin from earlier managed to paint the crystal’s Haslett cage with old stew) He *could* just repair the crystals, by bathing them in polarised etheric energy but will probably upsell her with a new battery back grown in the Lancaster crystal Vattery.

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