Elven 00108 | And Then There Were Four

13 thoughts on “Elven 00108 | And Then There Were Four

  1. Gizzards at midnight!

  2. Dr. Stephen Maturin, I presume?

  3. And yet we still don’t see cypriens face.

    1. But we do have proof that he does, in fact, remove his helmet to sleep.

  4. Mmmmm – Wotz cookin, Doc?

  5. Well Five depending on what that goblin may or may not have done to a certain upgraded computer.

  6. Enjoy what you do and you\\\’ll never work a day in your life 😉

    1. But complain as if you hate it, or they’ll think something is wrong.

      1. If someone can\’t find something to complain about, they\’re obviously not paying attention, watch them very closely or you may find yourself in danger 😉

    2. Testertestington550

      Here, Here.

  7. Preparing for the next meal…?

  8. Panel 3. Tissues and a wand.

  9. Did you update comic #108? I would have remembered panel 2.

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