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  1. And that’s why you keep your private life OFF Social Media!

    1. I think the biggest problem here is that her information is too widely shared; she wasn’t restrictive enough in her preferences or friends list (always hated that term; why not contacts list?). Or maybe just her choice of medium.

      1. Social media is how that one night you did something hilariously messed up becomes something people ask you about 20 years later at your job interview. Privacy controls only do so much when your privacy is only as good as the weakest link in this chain of publicly shared communications, and social media has a way of encouraging people to share and repeat stories to one another.

        Not to mention that many social media websites themselves cannot really be trusted all that well with your private information, as they have dubious privacy policies and appear to sell a lot of user metrics and data for marketing/etc. purposes. The Onion did a pretty good satire about how ridiculous it is to put your personal information out there anyway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juQcZO_WnsI

  2. Problems of a 20+ charisma sorcerer, eh? 🧝

    PS, that last one must have thrown her off … 👙

  3. Men are creepy. Women don’t find a good one; they find one minimally detestable. IMHO. YMMV. ETC.

    1. Meh. Bit of a misinterpretation of what is happening here. Gathering everyone in one (“on-line”) place and then giving an availability signal to all ends up waking up all the bottom-feeders. Big surprise.

      Stereotypically: Men do the hitting on, and get shot down. Women get hit on, and do the shooting down. So things like this sooner happen to women than to men. But either can go full-on creepy, stalker-ish, and so on. Doesn’t mean everyone does. There’s decent people too. Though whether any are on “social media”, well, if not, what’s she doing on there then, anyway?

    2. That’s just misandry, and probably also a sign that you’re looking for love in the wrong places.

  4. Advertising for a replacement already ?

  5. Is there a story behind her family name? Kind of surprised she has a German one 😀

  6. At least those waited for the status to be single. Lots of creepy guys just proposition women all the time.

  7. I wonder if she’s rethinking the whole “relationship change” thing. ^^

  8. Off to Familiar territory it is then!

  9. Maybe those videos the tech goblin kept from an earlier strip are starting to go viral.

    1. Let’s hope not! That sounds like one of those hentais that start going down a dark path…

  10. Awe! That’s soo sad… and really depressing. I hope she finds someone who actually cares about her and not about what they can get out of her. Its even worse that none of those guys even tried to console her for her breakup and offer just a ear to listen and show any interest about how she’s feeling!!!


    1. In my experience, women don’t generally look for guys like that, or if they do it’s way down the list of desirable features. Most of the time, girlfriends, moms or sisters fill that need, as the earliest reply showed. Popularity has forever been both the boon and the bane of the exceptionally attractive.

  11. Well, she’s kind of a mess herself. We’ve seen that attractiveness bears an imperfect relationship to being worthy of respect. Kind of like the marriage of the younger British Prince, now HRH ex officio in the former Dominion of Canada, both back and forth (one can root for the youngish couple and acknowledge that there are “issues” there irrespective of their positions in the public eye).

    But having read this comic for some time, I predict constructive and admirable personal growth in the near future for our first heroine! She’ll soon become square, bougie, and not at all self-destructive. We know this in our cores, fellow readers.

  12. Men 🙄

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