Elven 00111 | Big Night Out

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  1. Better go for heavy work socks this time… 😉

  2. I just noticed, so time for some nit-picking: Those electrical sockets, if that’s what they are, certainly look nice and outlandish but they’re also about the stupidest arrangement you could imagine. Assuming the usual phase/neutral/ground arrangement, you can accidentally rotate the plug and end up with the prongs making wildly wrong contacts. Even if the arrangement is, say, three phase with no neutral, arranging the pins like this maximises rather than minimises the risks of arcing: They meet afwully close at the centre. And this looks like a wet environment so normal sockets in splash-range is not a good idea. On that note, if they’re still at home, that’s a seriously large bathroom, though I sort-of miss the faucets.

    Yes I know, this is a fantasy world, it’s played for laughs, etc. But it looks like they have electric and electronic devices just like we have, so apparently some of the laws of physics are like ours. And then this stands out enough to notice, and I couldn’t resist to point it out. That is all.

    1. Hadn’t even noticed the sockets, because, you know, priorities. ^^ Still, these are elves, and it’s pretty likely that the Elven Electric Guild (Local 731) has preventive magics in place to prevent any mishaps. Fiction is handy that way.

      1. Sure, except that is bad design. Should the magic somehow up and vanish, wear out, get negated or suppressed, whatever, then the thing turns into a deathtrap indistinguishable from a normal, magically protected, socket. Much better to do a design with sufficient physical distance and no danger of accidentally plugging in wrong, than to fuck up and rely on a bolt-on to \”fix it\” again. This actually goes wrong in our world too, minus the magic. You can still add such protections if that makes sense, but do make sure the basic design is sound.

        To continue taking this entirely too seriously, compare these sockets with, say, old-style Israeli plugs, see wikipedia page on ac power plugs and sockets.

        1. Aw, c’mon, where’s your sense of adventure? Besides, we’ve got a couple of soon-to-be inebriated elves here. The whole vibe promises to be highly entertaining, with or without electricity.

    2. Rotating won’t work because the angles aren’t the same. The angle between the lower holes is smaller than the upper ones.

      1. The distance between the notches from center is not even either. The lower left one is farther away from center then the other two.

    3. Interesting that we have electricians in the audience with us

  3. Is that what New Zealand electrical sockets look like?

    1. Almost. Just move the bottom two holes above the top one. 🙂

  4. Never mind the electrical sockets…The left hand reflection is wrong.

    1. I have no idea how I missed this…

  5. Come on. Everyone knows that you need equal amounts of raw demonic, angelic and Elven magic in order to generate electricity. It doesn’t matter if you rotate the plug, the Power Converter on every device will still combine the magic elements correctly. It’s the angle that’s important. If you have nearby raw demonic and angelic energies at ANY right, same or opposite angles, the interaction causes serious problems. You REALLY don’t want to see the result of early experimentation…

    1. Did it look anything like Dana’s early experiments with casting fireballs? ^^

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