Elven 00112 | Big Night Out

Stay classy, Dana.

15 thoughts on “Elven 00112 | Big Night Out

  1. That is not a healthy color for vomit. Are we sure her magical illness is cleared up?

    1. When is vomit ever healthy? I’d be more worried if I knew what she’s been consuming (that alcohol might have green dye in it, we don’t know; although, we’ve been given no indication that it has/i> dye either). Could be her last meal was a salad or something.

      1. It was in a clear bottle and appeared to have no colour, Elven 00110 Big Night Out 2020-11-15 panel three and four.

  2. Cyprien should probably bring his helmet along so he can hide his face when things go even further downhill. XD

    1. Wonder how much more the charge is for the ride when vomit is involved?

      1. There is definitly a clean up fee. 😀

    2. One of the girls would probably just puke in it. If not now, definitely later.

      1. That would follow Cyprien’s luck.

  3. Looks like she had a flash back about that slime or jelly creature she had a encounter in the basement several comic panels ago. Think green!

  4. Every time we might see Cyprien’s face there is going to be decorations, or someone holding a glass covering him.

  5. Oh boy, I have a feeling this will be a night to be remembered, but I don’t think either of these gals will.

    Cyprien, keep your phone on ‘camera’, son, ’cause I got a feeling there’s gonna be some serious Kodak moments this evening. Also? Roll your windows down now. Trust me on this one.

    1. Really, having cameras on devices being so ubiquitous, is a bad thing if facial recognition is involved. This generation is the first one that has to deal with the results of stupidity being put on social media. Before this era you actually had to hang out with your friends when they were doing stupid stuff to see them do it.

  6. Seems like it’s always green, isn’t it? *^^*

    Oh my God, why did I type that??


    1. Its always green to show sickness lol

    2. Its always green to show sickness

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