Elven 00113 | Big Night Out

13 thoughts on “Elven 00113 | Big Night Out

  1. Bra and underwear of endless holding. When you have to carry alot and make them wonder where you are hiddng it.

    1. Why carry the poor alot? It can walk by itself, don\’t you know.

  2. Bag of Holding comes in dozens of different flavors … and you’re not limited to one.

  3. Compared to the previous episode, where they were going out of the home, Tarin has a different outfit, different hair and has piercings on her ear…

    1. Tarin wasn’t in the previous strip.

  4. The redhead isn\’t Tarin, she\’s probably up front \’paying\’ the driver 😉

    1. I’d have to start a patreon for those uh… extended scenes… o_o

    2. Yep, i mistook the redhead for Tarin… She comes and goes frequently, which could be why heh…

      1. Sneaky rogue.

  5. You just know that BE dresses exist in that universe.
    BE = Breast Expansion .. yes, it would do exactly one.

    BE +1 = one cup size up
    BE +2 = two cup sizes

    .. and so forth.

    1. Also, bras of holding, both cup size & inventory (because why not). If they’re smart, they might even have anti-groping countermeasures.

      1. Magic anti-grope bra? Damn, can see it already and with a variable setting for scale of retaliation, so you dont blast the clumsy fools who just want to walk past you.
        Light brush=static shock, a squeeze=spark bolt, a full on grab=summon feminist lightning elemental

  6. Okay, this is getting weird. *^^*

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