Elven 00119 | Big Night Out

Happy new year everyone! Good news for Sev fans, she's made the main cast page.

19 thoughts on “Elven 00119 | Big Night Out

  1. I swear I thought Severena was doing Caramelldansen in the last panel.

    1. Cannot unsee

    2. Like you, at first I thought it was that dance. Then I thought she was panicing about the whole fight thing. But finally I realized, in panel one, she’s holding a bottle. But in panel three, Tarin has the remains of that bottle broken to use as a weapon. Severena is panicing because she wasn’t finished drinking that, and now it’s on the floor mixed with broken bits of glass, and drinking it would probably hurt.

  2. This isn’t gonna end well xD

    1. Barroom brawls never do!

      1. For some reason, I have ballroom blitz now playing in my head.

        When I use to bounce? It -never- does.

  3. dual wield broken bottles ftw

  4. Won’t an alignment shift kinda derail Cyprien’s plans to be a Templar? I mean, I’m not sure if Templar are supposed to be like Lawful or not.

    1. eh just be a Dark Templar cooler armour anyways

      1. Adun toridas! Wait, whaddaya mean it’s not that kind of dark templar?

  5. He has now began his trip to the dark side where we won’t see his face at all.

  6. DM: So you want to talk your way out of this?
    Player: I would, but I’ve already rolled initiative

  7. Wow, didn’t see that coming. And Tarin sure seems to be game for anything.
    Sev? Get out while you can, sweetie, ’cause you know someone will need to bail out Cyprien in the morning.
    Unless Dana burns the place down of course, in which case it’ll be a two-fer.

  8. Was there a better option?

  9. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Best Dialogue options ever! 😀

    (Also: yay for Sev!)

  10. You should have kept some of those Charisma points when you saved up for a restat, Cyprien…

  11. If he keeps this up with his Charisma bouns he will be flooded in the ladies.

  12. Cyprien has been upgraded from ‘faceless’ to ‘darkest dungeon character’ apparently

  13. Wow, in hindsight this huge character shift was due to Cyprien choosing the only option that didn’t directly diss Dana.

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