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  1. They are NOT social distancing as required the the health dept. And where is your MASKS!!!!!

    1. Elf World has no China, thus no China Virus

      1. The virus is called SARS-COV2.
        If that’s too difficult for you then just call it corona-virus. Other people will most likely understand which corona virus you meant.

        1. Virus’s are often named after where they came from i.e. The Spanish Flu and Ebola (named after the Ebola River where it originated)

          COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan, China, thus China Virus or Wuhan Virus

        2. I don’t think that is is a good idea to call it falsely and by doing so also including a false blame on other people by calling it like that.
          I would be glad if you read this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severe_acute_respiratory_syndrome_coronavirus_2#Terminology
          Moreover it is most likely that this virus has originated in bats and from there jumped over to humans. But this is not supported by evidence so far.

        3. I prefer Communist China pre-emptive death fever. Just so people know that the REAL China ( Hong Kong) wasn’t involved.

        4. The Spanish Flu was first diagnosed in Kansas. Kansas is not in Spain. If we’re following your parallel with the Spahish Flu (which means it should be named after the country most affected), then SARS-COV2 should be named the US Flu.

          There’s a lot of negative things to say about the PRC, but at least they kept the epidemic in check in mainland China.

        5. It is believed that the Spanish Flu actually originated in an Army barracks in the U.S., thus names are NO LONGER based on where they are first discovered, as they often came from somewhere else first.

        6. The spanish flu was not from spain.

        7. Wu-flu. It came from Wuhan province of China. You call it the Spanish Flu, you call this one Wu-flu or China Virus. Get your PC loving ignorant ass a dictionary from 30 years ago. That book told the truth, hence ya’alls attempt to change it to suit YOUR liking. Quit blaming innocent bats. They didn’t do anything wrong.
          Have a nice day. Or not. I really could care less.

        8. The spanish flu was first discovered in the united states.

        9. The Taiwanese used the traditional nomenclature from before the ones Beijing pressured WHO to adopt after SARS and MERS almost got named after the mainlanders … it’s something like “novel Wuhan origin Coronavirus.”
          Time was, as with “Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever” (look it up, it’s funny in hindsight, and used to be infuriating to those who wanted actual respect for or at least medical aid delivered to Third World polities), countries (the USSR got Crimea listed first) used to fight to have these things named after them. Now paranoid autocracies worry about their image with the hoi polloi instead of seeking novelty interest among scientific elites, and we ended up with Covid-19.
          “China virus” is fine among epidemiologists, if imprecise.

        10. You mean the Honk-Kong Flu? (Sars). The Batman Virus is a mutation of the Honk-Kong Virus from 2003, Mers would be the Cairo Virus.
          And thats the Reason why 2015 the WHO stopped using the old Nomenclature, because it was more and more used for Politics, instead to cure it, the Politics played the blame game. It is easier to say: “They gave us the Virus” instead of: ‘Doing something against it.’

          Yes China was slow, but Tirol in Austria was worse. When it should be named, then the Wuhan-Tirol-Virus.
          The Tirol Politics killed out of greed over 150k Europeans and blamed China and Italy,
          but they knew that Covid-19 was there for 3 Weeks and didn’t stop the Business.

          Nearly all Europeans and some Nothern Americans dead’s from March to May can be traced to Tirol and Northern Italy.

        11. “Spanish flu” is so called because Spain wasn’t at war and so had a free press. Members of the royal family got ill and it therefore made news. Yes, it originated in what we Amis call “the Midwest” … or New Orleans … possibly the Carribean.
          I still don’t see why we defer to WHO’s nomenclaute when the Republic of China identifies it the traditional way and, UNLIKE even the official numbers from Red China, actually controlled the outbreak very effectively … and didn’t even weld people into their apartments or purge outspoken physicians to control it.
          Red China’s official party organs spent months trying to say the virus was an American plot, spread during the military games that took place near Wuhan a few months before the outbreak was noticed.
          Changing language doesn’t change reality, ladies and gents.
          This is a free-wheelingly offensive comic. I cannot believe so many people got exercised by the registry of official names, as though they’re Europeans.

      2. Calling it the China Virus never stopped sounding weird to me, like you’re trying to make a bad label stick. Wuhan Virus works, so does COVID-19 and Coronavirus (although that’s technically more ambiguous). I don’t get why the people insist on calling it China Virus when they could just call it Wuhan Virus instead. :-/

    2. Nice can o’ worms you got there, willy.

    3. Oh, for the love of………, why do you have to taint our little vacation from Reality?????

    4. That was some very successful bait tbh.

  2. Now you have the difficulty sorting out whose inventory is whose.

  3. That’s one weird jail cell.

  4. There is always the morning after……….

  5. Poor Dana, can’t remember if she had a good time or not😁😁😜

  6. I’d have to imagine.. Dana had a VERY GOOD Time! lol!
    That’s some serious bed-head ravishing look there… whole lota shagging going on!

  7. Next episode. Phone rings and it’s Cyprien from the police station. They need bail.

  8. Come on, Dana, just own it already.

  9. Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of England (and his warts)

    I’m a bit surprised none of them is showing any burn marks…
    So what’s next – the walk of shame or torching the evidence?

  10. Guess Dana …likes that ‘Dark Meat’.. 🙂

  11. At least they are cute. 😀

  12. So, who’s the hottie with the silver hair? Do we know her already? And if not, could we? ^^

  13. Ah… I sort of remember morning like that when I was in collage.

    1. FZ, if “collage” was intentional, I salute you.

      1. I am glad someone got the joke besides me 🙂

  14. Oh man, Danalach landed herself 3 cuties, well done Danalach ! 😁

  15. Talk about your random encounters.

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