Elven 00121 | Big Night Out

19 thoughts on “Elven 00121 | Big Night Out

  1. At least one of those three “randoms” should show up in a followup … it’d be awkward, weird and full of plot possibilities

    1. I vote the female and it not being a bad reunion.

  2. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Ah, so they were Random Elves – a subtype lacking all characteristics common in Wood-, High-, Night,- Moon,- Dark,- Grey,- Space- and Etcetera Elves! Generally they are only found as storekeeps or bartenders.

    1. Don’t forget the Nightborne, Blood and Void elves! 🙂

    2. How many subraces of elves are there? The list is far longer than I imagined … https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Elf_subraces

      1. I have data for 150+ subraces in 3e/PF format (currently catalogued). I’m certain that it isn’t a complete & exhaustive list.

        1. Odins_Missing_Eye

          I bet Etcetera Elves aren’t on it. They never are.

      2. There is a comic with:
        Altruistic Elves
        Tardy Elves
        Emo Elves (also featured in a delightful Overlord/Familiar of Zero crossover)
        Superfluous Elves …

    3. I gotta say, the most recent bartender didn’t look at all Random.

  3. That Rogue should switch class to Cleric – ’cause those were some Words of Wisdom!

  4. It’s only kinky the first time… then is becomes a fetish!

  5. From her expression, Tarin seems to be enjoying this to the max.

    1. Well her adventurer class is a rogue.😁

      1. Ah, that explains much. First class mercenary material there, I would think.

  6. Rape by use of alcohol is not a laughing matter. She should’ve used fire magic to kill the rapist males and made certain the other girl got home safely.

    1. Get help psycho.

    2. You’re one of those crazies who thinks girls don’t intentionally go to bars and clubs to get drunk and hook up for sex. Casual hook-up culture is a huge and deliberate part of both the clubbing scene and bars and drinking liquor is definitely a big part of it. People who are looking for hook-ups usually don’t try to keep themselves sober for the night. Quite the opposite.

      Also stop promoting irresponsibility by crying that you aren’t responsible for your actions when you drank alcohol and it’s all other people’s fault. It’s such a childish attitude. It’s one thing if people force themselves onto you, but it’s an entirely different thing if you come on to others or get swept away by the vibe and decide to hook up and get laid while you’re drunk. Rape is nowhere near the same as sex you regretted and wouldn’t’ve done if you were sober.

      I’d also like to note that there are high odds that literally everyone involved was seriously buzzed, which is what makes these “drunk sex = rape” accusations even more ridiculous. If she was raped, does that make the others her rape victims too? Or are we just promoting narcissistic one-sided standards here?

  7. I mean, I wake up naked next to my randos all the time. No better way to wake up than some cute strangers smiling face asking for round two 😉

    1. Left an unrelated question for you on baraag. Thanks.

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