Elven 00121 | Big Night Out

18 thoughts on “Elven 00121 | Big Night Out

  1. At least one of those three “randoms” should show up in a followup … it’d be awkward, weird and full of plot possibilities

    1. I vote the female and it not being a bad reunion.

  2. Odins_Missing_Eye

    Ah, so they were Random Elves – a subtype lacking all characteristics common in Wood-, High-, Night,- Moon,- Dark,- Grey,- Space- and Etcetera Elves! Generally they are only found as storekeeps or bartenders.

    1. Don’t forget the Nightborne, Blood and Void elves! 🙂

    2. How many subraces of elves are there? The list is far longer than I imagined … https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Elf_subraces

      1. I have data for 150+ subraces in 3e/PF format (currently catalogued). I’m certain that it isn’t a complete & exhaustive list.

        1. Odins_Missing_Eye

          I bet Etcetera Elves aren’t on it. They never are.

      2. There is a comic with:
        Altruistic Elves
        Tardy Elves
        Emo Elves (also featured in a delightful Overlord/Familiar of Zero crossover)
        Superfluous Elves …

    3. I gotta say, the most recent bartender didn’t look at all Random.

  3. That Rogue should switch class to Cleric – ’cause those were some Words of Wisdom!

  4. It’s only kinky the first time… then is becomes a fetish!

  5. From her expression, Tarin seems to be enjoying this to the max.

    1. Well her adventurer class is a rogue.😁

      1. Ah, that explains much. First class mercenary material there, I would think.

  6. Rape by use of alcohol is not a laughing matter. She should’ve used fire magic to kill the rapist males and made certain the other girl got home safely.

    1. Get help psycho.

  7. I mean, I wake up naked next to my randos all the time. No better way to wake up than some cute strangers smiling face asking for round two 😉

    1. Left an unrelated question for you on baraag. Thanks.

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